Nassfeld – sunny side of the Alps

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There are few ski resorts in the Alps that can boast more sunny hours then Nassfeld during the winter.

It is difficult to say whether it’s 100 or many more hours, but the white-blue combination is the most appealing one when skiing.

This, of course, does not mean that there is no snow. On the contrary, the slopes are in their full glory even in the winters when there is not enough snowfall at the beginning of the season.

Best Of

To list merely a few of Nassfeld’s best attributes: in the first place, it’s the almost 8 km long Carnia run all the way down to the village of Troepolach in the valley. Next to the bottom stop of the fast cable car Millenium Express that goes to the very summit, there is the excellent Hotel Carinzia, one of the best hotels in the region. For deep snow skiing aficionados, Nassfeld offers no less than the faraway France. When it snows here, owing to the Genoa or Adriatic humid cyclone, it really snows, so it’s not uncommon to see up to a meter of snowfall in a day or two. That is why there is also an organized freeride center.

Nassfeld is located at the center of hedonism

the Gailtal region, where the name and its tradition have for centuries been a guarantee of top quality. Some of the must-tries are definitely bacon from the valley of Gail and Alpine cheese, the tastes of which have made this region known far and wide. The Cuisine is one of the attributes in Nassfeld.

As the ski resort is very close to the Italian border, only a few dozen meters away, across the border there is a good restaurant/pizzeria in Wulfenia da Livio, where you can eat anything – from fresh Adriatic fish to excellent pizza. This should come as no surprise as the place is no further from the coast than, for instance, Zagreb or Ljubljana.

The ski resort is big enough for anyone to have a good time on the snow.

110 km of ski runs, 30 modern lifts and cable cars, and panoramas that span all of the summits from Triglav and Mangart, across Kanin, and all the way to Grossglockner in the north.

Nassfeld is among Austria’s top 10 ski resorts.

The majority of hotels and suites are very close to the slopes and cable cars. Those further away mostly have shuttles or nearby bus stops from which you can take a ski bus to the cable cars so there is no need to drive. Nassfeld is not far away, about a 3-hour drive from Zagreb, Vienna or Salzburg which makes it very popular with skiers and mountain lovers.

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