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New safety video of Air New Zealand

New safety video of Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand is known for its special flight safety videos shown before the flight. This way the airline manages to attract attention, usually in a positive way. But the latest video is not everyone’s favorite.

The video focuses on the work of the New Zealand scientists on Antarctica. The safety instructions are explained in the video by scientists.

The criticism to the video comes from the relatives of those who died in the Erebus disaster. In 1979, Flight 901, a DC-10 from Air New Zealand crashed into Mount Erebus during a sightseeing flight over Antarctica, and All 257 people on board were killed. Mount Erebus, Antarctica’s second-highest mountain, doesn’t appear in the video. But the relatives of Flight 901’s victims say the video is offensive and disrespectful.

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Air New Zealand said in a statement that the company had contacted families of Mount Erebus victims and received  positive reactions about the video. Some family members claimed they were not consulted before the video was recorded. The crash remains New Zealand’s deadliest disaster.

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