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Spring skiing at it,s best

Spring is not usually associated with skiing, but with the awakening of nature and the growth of plants. However, there are some advantages to skiing in spring, which may make some skiers prefer this time of year.

The biggest advantage of skiing in spring is the pleasant temperature. As the air quickly cools in winter and is often very cold, skiing can be unpleasant and tiring. However, as spring approaches, the sun becomes stronger and the air temperature becomes warmer, creating ideal conditions for skiing. Also, in spring, the day gets longer, so there is more light and time for skiing.


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Another advantage of skiing in spring is the fewer crowds on the slopes. Many skiers no longer ski in the spring because the ski season is coming to an end and most people ski in winter, so the slopes are less busy. However, the warmth and sun can cause the snow on the slopes to melt and become slippery, which can make skiing difficult, so the sunny terraces are perfect for enjoying.

In summary, spring can be a good time for skiing due to the pleasant temperature and less crowded slopes, but there are also some disadvantages such as variable weather and unstable conditions on the slopes.

Obertauern offers everything

Obertauern is a popular ski resort in the Austrian region of Salzburg, known for its excellent skiing conditions throughout the season. However, skiing in Obertauern in the spring can be slightly different than in the winter months.


One of the main advantages of skiing in Obertauern in the spring is the pleasant temperature. There is enough snow so that the ski season can be extended until the first of May. Due to its location at an altitude of 1700 meters from where the cable cars start, there is enough snow. When there is no snow in other ski centers in this part of Austria, Obertauern still has enough.

Rich selection of activities

Obertauern has more than 100 kilometers of ski runs of various difficulty and complexity levels. The slopes are well-maintained and offer various challenges for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

If you want to learn to ski or improve your skills, you can find ski schools with experienced instructors who will help you become a better skier. This is especially good for young children because it is more pleasant and less cold for them in the spring than in the winter.

Spring skiing is more pleasant for everyone

Obertauern by night

The snow park offers various elements such as jumps, ramps, rails, and other objects for snowboarders and skiers who love challenges and want to do tricks and jumps.

Obertauern is known for its lively and fun après-ski parties. You have many options for socializing and relaxing after skiing, including bars, restaurants, and clubs.

The most important events until the end of the season that are worth visiting:

  • #Sheskis – Women’s skiing day for Pink Ribbon Day, March 25th, skiers meet for the fifth time to stand up against breast cancer and support the campaign with a pink ribbon.
  • Junior World Championship in Aerials, March 28th – March 31st, 2023
  • 15th Gamsleitenkriterium – the largest Austrian treasure hunt in the snow, April 14th – April 16th, 2023


    Your dream of becoming a gold miner and, among other things, digging through the snow to unearth a nice BMW can come true in Obertauern, at the Gamsleiten criteria in the heart of the Alps, with good music and a great view.

    Obertauern spring skiing

    Participants can anticipate receiving more than 30 additional prizes, including non-monetary ones and vacation certificates, in addition to the primary prize, a new BMW.
    On Saturday at 5:00 PM at the award ceremony, the well-known musician “Josh” will provide a live performance on the Gamsleiten stage.
    For all treasure seekers, admission to the concert is free.

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