Preparing A Stress-Free Vacation to Florida

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Are you planning a trip to Florida? Well, you definitely have made the best traveling decision ever: Florida is the best place to relax and relieve any stress that could be plaguing your life at the moment.

But let’s be real; not all trips are fruitful. A single miscalculation can throw you off balance. It could be a wrong packing, poor timing, or even a wrong choice of accommodation option. In this article, we delve into this matter and highlight some of the things that you must know and prepare for in order to achieve a stress-free vacation to Florida. But first:

Stress-Free Vacation to Florida

Case Study on Florida

Florida is home to some of the greatest hotels in the whole of the US. Although accommodation is expensive here, you can always get a vacation rental with 5-star amenities at a cost of less than 30 percent of other 5-star accommodation options. As for transportation, Fort Myers, Key Largo, Palm Beach, and Orlando have the best public transport systems in the region.

For the larger part of Florida, the weather bears some subtropical characteristics: Sunny during the day and can sometimes rain during the evenings. Sometimes the temperature can hit 70s and 80s, especially in March through May. As for alcohol lovers, you can drink beer at any time of the day while in Florida, provided you don’t do it along the beach and you are over 21 years old.

  1. Don’t leave your family behind if you have one

Having your loved ones around you when touring Florida is a good way of shedding off unnecessary thoughts and fears. Besides, travel companies have very good offers for families and you should never want to miss out on such. Also, leaving your kids behind when touring Florida can be stressful because there are too many family getaways in this state. And if it is about accommodation, you can always find a good vacation rental at an affordable charge, big enough for your entire family.

  1. Hire a travel agent

Planning your own trip can sound fun but to be sincere with you, it isn’t. It involves booking your flights, booking your accommodation, thinking about your health cover, and many other stressful things. And because you aren’t really experienced in planning a trip to Florida, you may not know where to get the best accommodation and travel deals for your trip. A travel agent understands everything about traveling to Florida so hiring one would save you from a lot of stress.

Stress-Free Vacation to Florida

  1. Avoid the crowds

Disney world is crowded most of the time, while Miami beaches are flocked with people during summer. If you want to have fun in Florida, you should ask your travel agent to schedule your trip during the off-season; at a time when there aren’t too many tourists. Off-season also means cheaper traveling and accommodation costs, which significantly reduces your budget and stress.

  1. Book in advance

Booking your accommodation beforehand helps you avoid high rates and guarantees you the accommodation of your choice. Remember that Florida is a prime travel destination so rushing in the final days may not guarantee you the luxury that you seek.

Stress-Free Vacation to Florida

  1. Have some ground rules for your travel companions

There is a lot to see and do in Florida, so you need to be clear on what you will do and what you will bypass. But if you are traveling as a group, there are always conflicts of interests. The activities you would love to participate in aren’t necessarily the same activities that your family members or friends want. That can lead to conflict and stress. How do you avoid such? By setting some ground rules that everyone must abide by.

  1. Dissociate completely from work

If you wish to have optimal relaxation when in Florida, then you need to dissociate from everything that could ruin your vacation. Don’t read emails from work. Avoid chatting with your colleagues while on vacation. The lesser you engage with work-related issues, the better for your vacation.

  1. Don’t over pack

It is better to under pack than to over pack when visiting Florida. The lesser the stuff you carry, the more mobile you will be. And always remember that if you need something that you didn’t pack, you can always buy it at an affordable price while already in Florida.

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