5 lesser-known services you can enjoy on a private jet

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5 lesser-known services you can enjoy on a private jet


When you imagine flying by private jet, you could first think of the extra privacy, high comfort and gourmet cuisine. Perhaps lavish interiors with plush leather spring to mind, or maybe it’s the simple option to skip queues that excites you? Whatever the case, there are plenty more services, features and amenities that you might not expect!

Plus, there are lots of different ways to access them nowadays too. As global demand for private jets soars, travellers have alternatives to eye-watering purchase costs. Options range from on-demand charters to budget-friendly empty leg tickets and innovative private jet memberships, providing tailored flight hours to use annually.

So, if you’re weighing up why and how to fly privately, here are a few lesser-known in-flight services that could tick your boxes.

Wine tasting

Private jet

Sure, you might expect to enjoy a glass of bubbly on board a private jet. But some providers offer full-blown tasting programmes, allowing you to sample some of the best wines from all over the world.

They’re not like regular wine tastings either; these wines are chosen for their performance in pressurised cabins, ensuring your tastebuds are taken on the most pleasurable journey possible!

An in-flight library

Much like private air travel and the extra destinations it unlocks, a good book can take you anywhere in the world. But rather than packing your own reads or hastily picking them up in the airport, some private jets come equipped with dedicated libraries for you to choose from at will.

You’ll find options for all tastes as well as journey timeframes, from travel diaries to poetry, thrillers and humour.

interior cabin

Children’s entertainment

Young children can find air travel either extra exciting or more stressful than adults do. But if you want to bring a nervous little one along for the ride, fear not; some private providers offer extensive children’s entertainment options to keep everyone happy.

Think fancy dress tea parties, secret spy missions and the best entertainers that money can buy!

Pet-friendly services

dog, private jet

Travelling with a furry friend can bring comfort and familiarity, but it also poses logistical issues. Thankfully, the pet-friendly services onboard some private jets mean that you can travel in style with almost any companion!

You could request special menus, extra comfortable cabins and even fear-of-flying courses for your favourite animal.

Fully equipped conference rooms

Business travel might have dipped during the pandemic, but now it’s back on the agenda. There’s no need to sacrifice productivity in the air either, with some private jets offering fully equipped conference rooms for efficient solo or team working.

Much improved in-flight internet speeds mean you can even collaborate with colleagues and clients on the ground.

Could any of these in-flight services take your private flight to the next level of luxury?

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