Santiago, a family-friendly destination

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Santiago, a family-friendly destination

When talking about Chileans and their culture, you definitely cannot ignore the deep family ties that define every conversation and every tradition. As a matter of fact, the politics of Chile are shaped right from the grassroots- the family. And because South Americans generally adore their children, Chileans aren’t left behind either.

family-friendly destination

If you are looking for a family-friendly travel destination, there can never be a better place to start other than Chile. Besides the strong emphasis on family, the country also boasts of great tourist attraction sites and geographical sceneries that can help your kids understand the world and its geographical formations.

There is one problem though: Chile’s geographical landscape can be very harsh for kids and young, inexperienced tourists. With mountain ranges spreading for thousands of kilometers and fast-flowing rivers with unimaginably huge water volume, this country can be pretty much un-navigable. That’s without mentioning the Atacama Desert which despite being one of the best places to visit, it is too dry and way far to the north for your young ones to access.

But don’t freak out just yet. If you are in a Chilean walking tour, you are guaranteed that your kids will see the entire length and breadth of the nature-rich South American nation safely and conveniently. These tours have formed outstanding kid-friendly diversions from famous Middle Chile or Central Chile, all the way to the mountains and deserts. At the heart of these diversions is Santiago, the country’s largest and capital city.

When planning for an undisturbed, seamless family vacation in Chile, therefore, you must include Santiago in your plans. The city is family-friendly as you would expect and allows you to lead a relatively affordable lifestyle.

When Is the Perfect Time To Visit Chile?

Part of the reasons for visiting Santiago and Chile as a whole is to witness nature when in its full resurgence. September to November marks Chile’s wet season, so this would be a great time to visit. However, if you are available in March through May, technically the low season, you are guaranteed of smaller crowd sizes and the most favorable accommodation and flight prices.

And even though you will not experience the green season, you will witness the spectacular view of foliage changing color. Also, grapes are in harvest this time of the year so your kids can have as many as they wish. As for the weather, the temperatures are very favorable for outdoor activities, especially in May.

Tips of Touring Santiago as A Family

  1. Safety

Just like anywhere else in the world, opportunistic theft is highly probable in Santiago. Pick-pocketing and bag-snatching is very common.

Always be extra vigilant with your luggage and hold onto your belongings firmly. Also, keep your passports, money, and credit cards, among other valuables, as inaccessible to pickpockets as possible. Make sure that the kids understand this as well.

  1. Transport

Although it is fine to use public transportation to get around Santiago, renting a car would be your better transport option. That allows you to control where you visit, unlike bus tours that limit your options to only the bus routes. Also, hiring a car saves you the trouble of using the crowded subway system and dealing with the non-English crew. However, renting a car will present lots of headache for you when in the city due to its poorly structured parking system.

family-friendly destination

  1. Find the hidden treasures

Santiago and Chile as a whole has tons of hidden treasures of the city crowds. Your kids will enjoy touring places such as San Cristobal, Metropolitan Park, Parque Bicentenario de La Infancia, and the La Moneda Palace. If you have time, a walking tour guide will help you discover all these places, among many others.

Other Places To Tour While In Chile

  1. Tres Valles

Only a few kilometers to the south of Santiago, your kids will enjoy the elevation of this snowscape. It is also a great place to ski and engage in other kid-friendly outdoor activities.

family-friendly destination

  1. The historic port of Valparaís

Easily accessible by a train or a bus, this museum is a great place to visit with your kids. The kids will definitely enjoy the civic art of the hill-bound neighborhoods that this museum houses.

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