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Schladming is located in the heart of the Dachstein-Tauern region in Styria

Schladming is an ideal setting for all mountain lovers. Whether you prefer easier skiing down the slopes or you are a professional who desires an adrenaline descent to the end of the trail, there are in total 230 kilometres of perfectly maintained trails where everyone can find one to fit their liking and abilities. Also, it is worth visiting their ski huts that offer a stunning selection of regional specialties.

Stretched along the valley, besides Schladming, you can visit Rohrmoos, Pichl, Gleiming, Haus-Aich-Gössenberg, Gröbming, Pruggern, Naturpark Sölktäler, Grimming-Donnersbachtal and Ramsau am Dachstein (highplateau from the region). Those are all valleys in the region Schladming-Dachstein above which rise the hills Hauser Kaibling, Planai, Hochwurzen, Reiteralm, Fageralm and Galsterbergeralm, each with a multitude of terrain. Since the first four of these were merged into the 4-mountain ski area system in 1998, the region has attracted many skiers like a magnet.

Ski map of Schladming-Dachstein region
© Schladming-Dachstein

Ski resorts

Schladming (745 meters) is the centre of the region with elite status arising from the fact that the 1982 World Championship in ski disciplines was held here. The night race of the World Cup on the Planai track in slalom is one of the most attractive. The cable car to the top of Planai (1.894 meters) starts from the immediate vicinity of the centre and on the other side of it is the Rohrmoos plateau, suitable for beginners. All trails pass through forests, so they are less affected by bad weather than trails on higher ski resorts. As they are well covered with snow cannons, snow is guaranteed and of good quality. The Schladming-Dachstein region has the most blue and red trails, a total of 54. You will also find three black trails that are ideal for the best skiers. Specifically, you can ski on 94 kilometres of blue trails, 120 kilometres of red trails and 16 kilometres of black trails. There are 93 cable cars with carpets (81 without carpets) and 100 huts and restaurants.

Skiers on cable car in Schladming
© Martin Huber/Schladming-Dachstein

In Pichl, accommodation is sought by those who want a country atmosphere and affordable prices in private apartment houses with a homely atmosphere. Haus, located below Kaibling (2.015 meters), is a place where many difficult and demanding trails descend and where a colourful local fair is held. The women’s downhill track of the World Cup also descends from Kaibling. Here you will generally find a quieter audience of the middle generation, as the nightlife is quieter than in Schladming, which is about ten minutes away by bus. Pruggern and Gröbming are quiet and family-friendly places – well, not so quiet because, for example, there is a snow-rafting trail in Gröbming.

View of snow idyl in Schladming
© Schladming-Dachstein

You can also arrive at Ramsau am Dachstein by bus, the centre of cross-country skiing. From there the cable car takes you to the Dachstein Glacier (2.700 meters). You can ski there almost all year round. For those with an adventurous spirit, we recommend crossing the glacier (11 kilometers) towards Obertraun in the Salzkammergut region. The ski resorts on Stoderzinken (2,045 meters) and Fageralm (1,885 meters) are a bit displaced at the very end of the valley but can be reached by bus.

Fun & leisure

Regarding leisure, all the places in the valley are very well coordinated on how to spend your free time after skiing. They are counting on many of those who came for the winter holiday and do not ski. Therefore, the choice of leisure mostly depends on the place where you are accommodated. The offers of individual towns should be studied and preferably combined because the offers are not repeated. In the après ski offer, Schladming leads with its city atmosphere and numerous bars, pubs and snack bars. Also, every Saturday the Olympic Stadium hosts an ice show. There is also a cross-country ski trail – total of 350 kilometres of them to be exact. They are found mostly around the town of Ramsau – 150 kilometres. The region Schladming-Dachstein is therefore one of the regions with the best offer for this sport. Equally, a large number of terrains have been prepared for snowboard fans.

Cross-country skiing
© Herbert Raffalt/Schladming-Dachstein

As for the nightlife, the biggest bar with the best dance floor is the Hohenhaus Tenne Schladming. You can taste great food at the Tauernalm, located in Rohrmoos with direct access to the toboggan run. You can also rent sleds there. The big aprés ski bar is AlmArena, there are also Gondelstub’n, Hochalm and Mühlstodl and Herzerl Alm, and at the top of Planai is the largest outdoor pavilion – Almrausch.

Family in restaurant
© Peter Burgstaller/Schladming-Dachstein

The offer of sports facilities

With its offer, the region is among the few that count on a large number of non-skiers. Schladming has a water sports centre with many facilities. Due to its favourable microclimate, Rohrmoos is a mecca for lovers of ballooning and in Gröbming there is a hall for high-altitude rope climbing. There are a large number of hiking and mountaineering trails, snowshoeing trails, toboggan runs, ice rinks, swimming pools, as well as golf and tennis halls. The family holiday concept was taken into consideration when a large number of toboggan runs were traced, many of which have night lightning. The Sölktäler Nature Park is also nearby.

Children on sledges
© Martin Huber/Schladming-Dachstein

Ideal for children

Children will enjoy many activities organized just for them. At the Ramsau am Dachstein ski resort, they can find the largest children’s ski world in Styria where they will make their first steps on the snow with the endearing mascot Kali Ramsaurier. They can also visit the “Reiteralm Kinderland” where magic carpets, a children’s carousel, play figures and children’s ski routes inspire visitors of all ages. There is also a fun children’s ski route, equipped with handmade life-size motifs, riding igloos, and Bogerl’s trail – Children’s Trail of the World Cup. They can also visit the Riesneralm children’s ski resort, as big as seven football fields and unsurpassed throughout Austria, from which you can easily transfer to the large ski resort. The skiing pleasure of the Gallic manner for young and old can be found in the Gallic ski village on the Galsterberg. It is on flat terrain, so even beginners can try it. Children can hunt wild boar in Little Gallier Park, try an 85-meter-long magic carpet, visit Gallic talking figures, reside at Gallic wooden huts and build huge snow figures, and be offered much more exciting content.

In the Märchenwiese area, you can find an excellent offer for all ages, as a ski entertainment area awaits you in the Hopsi Children’s Wonderland. Planai has something for everyone in its offer, so for example, beginners and professionals can enjoy the fun and action at Planai Funslope where you will find a diverse offer of snow parks, boardercross, and maintained trails. Beginners and seasonal skiers will be in the best hands of local ski schools that also offer special children’s programs for different ages and ability levels.

Children on funslope in Planai
© Christine Höflehner/Schladming-Dachstein

News on the ski resort

Last season (2019/20) the Planai got a new main gondola that can accommodate up to ten people. Some of the plans for the upcoming 2020/21 season are the completion of a hydroelectric plant in Riesneralm that produces both electricity and snow. With this project, the European Cup and family trails will be fully equipped with a new snowmaking system. At the Hauser Kaibling ski area, the slopes will be adapted and the snow-making system will be strengthened. The Reiteralm ski area will get a new Schoberbahn six-seater chairlift that will provide even more comfort, even more slopes and even more skiing enjoyment.

This region is a favourite among Croatian skiers and it is understandable why. It is not far, the ski slopes are good and diverse, the environment and nature are fascinating and the hosts are very kind and accommodating. Therefore, Schladming is always to be recommended.

Lookout Stairway To Nothing
© David McConaghy/Schladming-Dachstein

How to get there?

  1. From Zagreb via Maribor to Graz, Linz exit, then through Gleinalm tunnel, Salzburg exit – distance 330 kilometres.
  2. From Rijeka via Ljubljana and through the Karavanke tunnel, after the Katschberg tunnel exit for Graz – distance 350 kilometres.

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