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Seven Ways To Work and Travel At The Same Time

It isn’t easy to find a person who does not like traveling worldwide. But something stops and constantly prevents us from realizing such a dream. Probably the eternal lack of money. It doesn’t even occur to anyone that you can quit an unpleasant job, escape from an evil boss, pack your backpacks, and rush around the world. You can do this without investment using the following methods. Please look at this list, one of them will surely suit you.


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The first thought that visits us is a remote vacancy. With the ability to work on a computer, you can find a good income online. Renting offices is expensive, so many managers offer vacancies for remote work. The most popular vacancies in this direction are web design, programming, copywriting, call center employees, and much more. When visiting various countries and major cities in the US from Europe for instance, you can stay in a coworking space such as co-working spaces in New York – a multipurpose place for work and leisure, in an area equipped with everything necessary for full-fledged work for freelancers.

English teacher

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Today this language is at the peak of popularity. English speakers can make good money. Residents of Asian countries, Africa or Latin America are incredibly interested in learning this language today. Therefore, it is better to conduct courses in one of the countries of these continents. Finding a job is not difficult, but many employers have the right to require an international certificate from a potential applicant (CELTA, TESOL, TEFL). You should not be afraid of this, since the owners of this document will receive a salary of several thousand dollars – a decent increase while traveling!


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Blogging is a real profession. Promoting your brand, becoming an engaging conversationalist, and at the same time carrying helpful information to the people is not an easy task. However, this type of income is now trendy. An important determinant of success is a vast number of subscribers. If the information is not attractive or updated, subscribers leave you to more valuable bloggers. Commercials bring in a solid income. Some companies can make priceless gifts for their promotions, such as trips around the world.

Au Pair

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A unique offer is the opportunity to live in a new foreign family, which allows you to study, travel in a new country, and consolidate your knowledge of languages​with native speakers. A traveler gets into the chosen family and lives on their territory as a full member. The host bears all expenses for the maintenance of a new member. You will be required to pick up children from kindergarten (school), buy food, cook, clean the house, in the garden, walk the pets, and take care of them.

Accompaniment of tourist groups

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This is a great deal for free travel when registering as an accompanying person in a tourist group. Such people do not pay for their journeys. Travel agencies willingly undertake the organization of such tours. They are distinguished by low cost, and there are always enough people who want to accompany groups. For accompaniment, it is necessary to study as much information as possible about visiting places. So you can save on the guide, and the agency will still make a surcharge.

Become a bartender

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Most bars and restaurants prefer to hire foreigners. Mastering the profession of a bartender somewhere abroad, you get an opportunity to know this country. The positive aspects of such work include free accommodation, medical insurance, food, and other bonuses. When choosing a vacancy, do not forget that you will need at least a minimum knowledge of the language of the country of travel. It is challenging to master it in a foreign country with native speakers. Abroad, as a bartender, you can earn from up to 2000 dollars a month. You can find a job on particular international sites by entering the requested bartender jobs.

International courier

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Many foreign online stores take into account the desire of the customer to deliver the selected product as soon as possible. They can use the help of tourists going to the country they need. In order to find such an offer, you must leave a request on a specific website about deliveries or on the website of the store itself. The traveler receives the goods and pays for the service. Thus, you have the opportunity to receive a small compensation for the flight. If the goods are expensive, then the reward can be substantial.

Working and traveling at the same time is natural. However, it is worth assessing your strengths capabilities and also correctly prioritizing. And then work will become not only a means of survival but also a pretty exciting vacation!

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