Sevnica the birthplace of the First lady

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Little Melania came into this world in 1970, on the banks of the Sava River in the town of Sevnica.

Her journey from the small industrial town near Krško to being the First Lady of the United States is more or less common knowledge.

Forty-six years later, Melania has achieved a true American dream, which even she herself could probably not have imagined. So far she is only the second foreigner to be holding this demanding office. Melania has thus become a role model for millions of girls worldwide. In the meantime, her parents have also moved to the US.

All 5000 inhabitants of Sevnica are expecting Melania to pay them an official visit. The town is small, dominated by a castle perched on top of a hill above the town – Lichtenwald. The castle holds several museum exhibitions. First records of it date far back to 1309, and it also survived the peasants’ uprising of 1573, when it was not devastated as some others were.

Today, it is a venue for concerts and various events. The castle and the town church are interesting landmarks, but the number of tourists who have literally been coming in droves after Melania’s husband was elected president is fascinating.

Naturally, the majority of those tourists are actually journalists and TV crews persistently filming the grey concrete 1960s building where Melania Knauss (Knavs) and her sister Ines used to live. Their father Viktor used to be an active communist, but this is obviously no longer a problem.

The locals are quickly changing what’s on offer so now you can find pastry à la Melanie, hamburgers à la Trump, and the like. The mayor of Sevnica, Srečko Ocvirk, is overjoyed because of it.

Zagreb could also somewhat benefit from it because a lot of those tourists land on our airport and spend a few days in the city. Sevnica is not far, and there’s not much to choose from when it comes to accommodation.

Slovenia is being shaken by a fever called Melania, which is hardly surprising when their lass has become one of the most powerful women in the world.


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