There is a ton of snow in Obertauern

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A white mountain paradise denotes a lot of snow.

The ski resort with the most snow in Austria and beyond is Obertauern. This ski resort offers the pleasures of snow from the end of November to the beginning of May. All levels and ages of skiers will enjoy the trails. There are steep and easy trails as well as medium and the perfect kind for us that day. A variety of additional snow sports are available in addition to skiing.

What you should know about this premier ski area

Obertauern Ski Map
Izvor: Tourismusverband Obertauern

The Tauernrunde is a closed circuit formed by ski slopes and cable cars. The paths are situated between 1,630 and 2,313 meters above sea level. Six cable cars, two combined 8/10 cable cars, one gondola, seventeen chairlifts, and modern, quick cable cars are available. 32 km of cross-country skiing tracks and almost 100 km of great ski slopes.


The full circle can be traversed in either way. Less than a full day of skiing is required for intermediate and excellent skiers. Nearly the entire Obertauern is next to the trails because the majority of the lodging options are located near a cable car or path. The car can be abandoned after being parked. The majority of parking in the village is free.

Gastronomic pleasures

To take in the view of the Alpine peaks, lodgings and dining establishments with terraces on the slopes are highly alluring. Coffee in the morning, a leisurely lunch, or simply “something light.” Each person will determine their own standard. Some places, like Kringsalm, which is one of my favorite restaurants, have developed cuisine and a high-end gourmet menu.


Hospitality in Manuela,s a la carte restaurant can only be surpassed by good food and an extensive wine list.

The pleasant atmosphere and first-rate service ensure that every meal will be enjoyable.

Obertauern - The Beatles
Izvor: Tourismusverband Obertauern

While the movie Help was being filmed, The Beatles went skiing through Obertauern. If they could accomplish it, anyone can. They were not exceptional athletes, as far as we know.

Apres ski

Because of its Après ski offerings, Obertauern is regarded as one of the Alps’ most enjoyable locations.

The most popular kind of exercise around the bars of several bars is hammering in tights every day, or rather, every afternoon starting at three o’clock.

Take me back to Obertauern!

Everyone is naturally really hungry after après-ski, so you should have some nice Wiener, Kaiserschmarn, or game stew, which is a great specialty here, as soon as possible.

Family ski resort

Take me back to Obertauern!

There are sun terraces in various locations. This is important in order to find the right one facing the sun at any time of the day. Obertauern is an ideal ski resort for families with children. It is not too big, and the cable cars and trails return back to the village. Numerous ski schools for all ages from kindergarten to adult beginners look after you or your children professionally and efficiently. The instructors at the ski schools speak more than 50 languages. While the children are at school, parents can relax skiing because they are never far away and can easily return to the meeting place or simply enjoy one of the terraces.


Obertauern looks like cake. Like a real Esterhazy cake, there are rows of skiing followed by rows of sunny terraces, skiing again, more terraces, and finally apres ski.

The village’s elevation of 1630 m makes it a great place for visitors to rest and recharge.

Outstanding ski resort Obertauern

Kako odabrati pravo skijalište

Thanks to its enviable location—Obertauern isn’t called the “snow bowl” for nothing—your skiing vacation will undoubtedly be a memorable one. On the other hand, the variety of ski slopes in Obertauern will make you grin while skiing and keep you smiling long after you depart home.

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