Skiing with helmet mandatory in Slovakia

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Skiing is about beautiful snowy hills and a perfect sense of active movement.

Travel agencies in their catalogs point out the rules those should be respected in the ski resorts abroad. The majority of our skiers are mainly interested in information about the ski passports. Information about mandatory equipment concerns helmets, alcohol on the slope and so on.

The new law in Slovakia
Act on Mountain Rescue (no. 274/2015) presents the responsibilities of skiers on ski trails on Slovak hills.

The law lays down rules.

These are often heared by novice skier during the ski training. Life shows that quality equipment and ski art are cumulating in person’s ability to feel his experience. But they reduce the ability to see other people on the slopes.

Security rules which the law very precise appointes (in §8a) draw attention to the skier´s obligations. This may also sound like the rules of good behavior on the slope. This is not a complete novelty. For example, at Donovaly resort there is published so called the White Code, which lists the obligations mandatory according law too.

Obligations of the skier

It is a duty skier to adjust driving to the nature and condition of the ski tracks. To be able to appreciate his abilities. To adapt to the number of skiers on ski trails. This is a basic rule. Direction of driving, stopping or re-starting to drive are based on the principle of attention to the other skiers on the slopes. Helmet fastened on the head of each child under 15 years. This is a new obligation at our ski slopes.

Obligations of the ski resort
The law also says about protection the skiers by the operator of the ski tracks. It is obliged to ensure operator safety and negotiability marked ski trails. Duty is also clearly marked ski track and determine its level of difficulty.
We have a law. The question is whether it is a reflection of good practice to the law. That would be good news.

However, I am concerned that there are still people on the slopes, which don´t respect these rules of fairness. Therefore, this law is needed and beneficial.



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