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St. Petersburg is the center of Russian culture

St. Petersburg or North Venice is the center of Russian culture. Besides the sights, you should not miss: Hermitage, Petropavlovsk Fortress, Peterhof, Pushkin, St. Issac, the city offers various places to explore Russian culture.

  1. Accommodation in the city center of artistic events

Gutenberg Hotel is located in the very center of the city.

Located 15 minutes’ walk from the Hermitage Museum, the Cathedral of St. Issac and Nevsky prospect. Rooms are new and modernly decorated, with high ceilings and soundproof (very important for buildings in the very center of town).

The hotel is part of the Berthold Center which is a new art place in a town with small bars, restaurants, shops, bookstores, and galleries. As a guest of the hotel, you get a 10-20% discount at the bars and restaurants within the Berthold center. In the summer concerts and various cultural festivals are held in the courtyard of the center. This is the best accommodation if you want to be in the city center and шт the center of arts.

P.S. The hotel offers excellent breakfast and even better view


  1. Getting to know Russian Art – Museums

The Imperial Academy of Arts is one of the most admired in the world, and many of its students have gained fame beyond Russia’s borders. If you want to see and learn more about the works of the most important Russian painters, visit the Russian Museum. There you will see a part of the painter: Vasilii Kandinski, Kazimir Malevich, Pavel Tchelitchew, Boris Kustodiev, Léon Bakst, Ivan Shishkin, Ilja Repin, and many others. Recommendation: Before or after visiting the museum, walk around the Summer Garden, located at the back of the museum. Price: 500 rubles adults, 250 rubles students

The Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art contains about three thousand Russian arts in various techniques: painting, sculpture and video art. It is a great place for anyone interested in getting to know Russian contemporary art. Recommendation: audio installations; Price: 550 rubles

The New Museum contains a large collection of unofficial Soviet and contemporary Russian art. The permanent posture represents the cream of Russian non-conformism: Yevgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko, Oscar Rabin and Vladimir Nemukhin, and live contemporary artists such as Ilya Kabakov, Grisha Bruskin, AES + F. Price: 200 rubles adults, 100 rubles students/children

  1. Getting to Know Russian Art – Theatres

Visiting theatres is the best experience of the Russian culture you can experience during your visit in St. Petersburg, but this is also the most expensive one. So buy tickets for the theatre immediately after you buy airline tickets and book accommodation. All the theatres are impressive from the outside as well as their luxurious interior.

The Marian Theatre is the most famous theatre in St. Petersburg and one of the oldest in Russia. You can watch the ballet or opera at the program. You can buy tickets for up to four months in advance on their website. Recommendation: Any BALET

Mikhailovsky Theatre is the oldest “home” of ballet and opera in Russia. You can watch the classic ballet and opera from the Soviet era, as well as numerous guest performances. Tickets can be purchased up to three months in advance on their website. Recommendation: The Sleeping Beauty, The Flame of Paris; p.s. over the week the tickets are significantly cheaper

Aleksandrinsky Theatre is one of the largest theatres in Europe and is considered as the best drama theatre in St. Petersburg. You can watch drama and classical ballet on the program. Recommendation: Masquerade. Remembrance of the Future; P.s. The content of all shows is described in detail on the website of the theatre where the tickets can be bought.

  1. Botanical garden

Once a garden of medicinal herbs is established by Peter the Great in 1714. Today, the botanical garden contains 26 greenhouses on 22 acres and is a beautiful place to walk and a fascinating place to visit. Price: 300 rubles adults, 200 children Recommendation: After a walk visits Coffee 3 SPB, which is just a 10-minute walk away and offers fine coffee and delicious lunch at affordable prices.

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St. Petersburg should be visited once in your lifetime. It is the city for art and
architecture lovers, history and literature experts, and all new young generations. Spending
your time in St. Petersburg is all about experience, from taking a beautiful walk alongside Neva river, eating Russian cottage cheese pancakes " Syrniki", visiting a hockey game to visiting the house in which Dostoyevski and his characters lived.

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