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Restaurants have evolved to become destinations in their own

Instead of serving just a meal, restaurants have become destinations in their own.

The way we dine out has changed. Fueled by the ability to search, sort, discover, and reserve across digital devices, diners can create the ultimate personalized experience. Restaurants have evolved to accommodate these cultural changes. Dining out is the main event in a night (or day) out.

Restaurants have always been destinations, and food is a major hook in travel and trip planning. The way we’re eating as a culture has changed.

Restaurants have evolved to become destinations in their own right.

Now, though, a restaurant doesn’t have to be a Michelin star rated to become a destination. Local restaurants are creating immersive and curated experiences for patrons rather than simple, expected service. This doesn’t mean complicated strategy .Instead, restaurants work hard to create a distinct feel for their specific space and brand.

Restaurants work to create distinctive spaces that not only evoke a custom, “only here” feel, but also create perfect opportunities for image-sharing on social media. This comes in different forms, from quirky menus to unique floor tiles — anything to make a restaurant stand out. In this way, social media has influenced the changing face of restaurants.

The way we plan how and where to dine is changing, too. Thanks to digital technology ,mobile phones especially, everyone can access personalized recommendations based on preferences from formality to cuisine, location, or even the volume level inside of a restaurant. Startups have evolved into full-fledged businesses that blur the lines between restaurant discovery, reservations, and refining of the consumer  experience. Multiple reservation apps allow diners to find the exact perfect location for a meal. Digital guides and apps from traditional players create lists of places perfect for every occasion.

The days of salad-entree-dessert are behind us, as chefs create menus that reflect today’s social nature of dining.Often, that translates to shared plates, ordered in rounds, accompanied by drinks.

And, of course, the more Instagrammable the plates, the better. After all, if nobody back home knows you ate there, did you really eat there?


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