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The island of Rab is a gem of the northern Adriatic.


Rab is an island gem with a rich historical and cultural heritage

It is also known for its sun, sand, sea, and natural beauty. It is considered one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic, with 40 percent of its surface covered in forests. It offers visitors over 100 kilometers of hiking and biking trails that allow for the exploration of the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

The island of Rab abounds in various beaches, and the sandy beaches, in particular, are popular in this part of the Adriatic. Among them, Paradise Beach stands out, attracting many visitors.

The town of Rab

It is considered one of the most beautiful and well-kept cities on the Adriatic. Its oldest part dates back to the 4th century and was founded by the Illyrians. The old town, which is well-planned urbanistically, is a special attraction for history lovers. It is important to mention that the founder of the oldest republic, San Marino, was Saint Marin, who was born in Rab. A monument in his honor was erected in the town of Rab, and his story is often highlighted during island tours.

Famous bell towers

The town of Rab has four city bell towers that symbolize the four seasons. The height of each bell tower represents the average temperature on the island during that season. Additionally, the town has a total of 12 side streets, corresponding to the number of months in a year, while the central city street is paved with 365 stone slabs, representing the number of days in a year. This ancient story claims that the town of Rab was planned with such calendar symbolism. Although not scientifically confirmed, many believe that there is truth to this story because the symbolism and numbers indeed match.

City walls

The old town core of Rab is surrounded by 13th-century walls. The main city square, St. Christopher Square, with the town hall building and the statue of the saint after whom it was named, represents the center of numerous artistic and entertainment events during the summer season. The archery association also participates in some of these events. This association brings together a group of enthusiasts who nurture the tradition of the Rab crossbow, a weapon used in wars and the defense of the island. The association’s museum displays various types of crossbows, arrows, and other weapons.

Rabska torta

For those who want to experience Rab not only through enjoying the sea, nature, and history but also through gastronomic delights, there are plenty of specialties available. However, the local population is particularly proud of a traditional dessert known as Rabska torta (Rab cake). According to legend, this cake was first served in 1177 to Pope Alexander III during the consecration of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Rab. The nuns from the Monastery of St. Anthony and later the Benedictine nuns from the Monastery of St. Andrew prepared the cake using the ingredients they had on hand, primarily almonds.

Great outdoors

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Rab offers beautiful trails for walking and cycling. You can explore the diverse landscape of the island, including forested areas, olive groves, and coves.

In more recent history, two small uninhabited islands have left their mark on Rab and administratively belong to it. Sveti Grgur was a camp for female political prisoners for decades, while the nearby Goli Island served as a prison for male political prisoners during the communist regime. Today, these islands, burdened with a dark past, have become excursion destinations for curious tourists.

Rab is a peaceful and pleasant place for a vacation. There is no excessive noise or nightclubs, or large cruise ships, and it can be said that it has not been affected by mass tourism yet, making it a good choice for a family vacation.

Cove photo by Marvin Kastelic from Pixabay



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