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The world’s most Instagrammable places in 2017

In our travels, we often come across a number of great cities.

The latest survey by the photo-sharing app revealed the New York was the most-posted city in the world, followed by Moscow, London, São Paulo and Paris.

Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, in eighth place, was the only Asian city to make the top 10.

The popularity of Instagram seems interminable, and this recent survey confirms our suspicions – millennials aged between 18 and 33 state ‘Instagrammability’ as the most important factor when they’re deciding on a holiday destination.

The most important souvenirs you can bring home from a trip are your pictures.

  1. New York, US 


  2. Moscow, Russia


  3. London, United Kingdom


  4. São Paulo, Brazil


  5. Paris, France


  6. Los Angeles, US


  7. St Petersburg, Russia


  8. Jakarta, Indonesia


  9. Istanbul, Turkey


  10. Barcelona, Spain


Source: Instagram

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