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Toulouse: color your life in 2022

Find out what to expect in Toulouse in 2022

Niki de Saint Phalle Exhibition at Les Abattoirs

Spring 2022

Niki de saint Phalle © Pixabay

French-American Artsit Niki de Saint Phalle will be celebrated at Les Abattoirs-FRAC Occitanie, Toulouse museum for modern art. Enter the colorful world of this feminist artist who created, among others, Nanas, large-scale sculptures of animals and female figures. The exhibition will show the artist’s interdisciplinary artistic achievements, as well as his utopian and visionary vision of the environment and sculptures.

Landing on the Red Planet at the Cité de l’espace

© Cité d el’espace – Manuel Huynh

The Cité de l’espace, Europe’s unique theme park dedicated to Space exploration, invites visitors to experience space through interactive experiments. In 2022, head to the brand new martian terrain or martian arena. As if you were there, find out about what the rovers are going to do on the Red Planet during their mission! Cité de l’espace’s teams have reconstructed a Martian surface in the Gardens: a realistic setting of the martian surface with craters and rough rocks, for this new permanent experience. Over 200 visitors will enjoy a 30-minute show with the robots.

Winter unmissable: Europe’s largest lantern festival

© Ville de Gaillac_infinitygraphic

For the second édition, Toulouse Metropolis welcomes the biggest Chinese Lantern Festival, in the Ritouret parc in Blagnac. An illuminated wonderland celebrating this ancestral know-how with 45 scenes and over 1000 lanterns. Pandas, dinosaurs from the Jurassic as well as planes from the Aeropostale, roots of Toulouse’s aeronautics adventure, will be enlightened every night from December 1st to February 1st, 6 pm to 10pm.

More than 80 craftsmen from Zigong, metal workers, painters and couturiers, worked for two months to design these lanterns specifically for Toulouse Blagnac, on-site. An event that has already been signed-on for a third edition in 2023.

Pink, blue and green city

© Guillaume Groult

Every year, the pink city seduces visitors with its typical pink-brick architecture. But Toulouse also has other colours, that are currently being highlited through a major urban development plan. The blue of the Garonne and the Canal du Midi are thus given pride of place with the creation of new seasonal activities that cannot be ignored: guinguettes or pop-up restaurants on the river banks or on houseboat, nautical activities and slow tourism to navigate on the water… even rugby, Toulouse favorite sport is played on the river every September!

Green is also an important side of Toulouse, which will soon have its own “Central park” on the “Ile du Ramier”.

Colors in your baskets

© Taste Of Toulouse

In Toulouse, indulge yourself in the local gastronomy by following Jessica Hammer, American expatriate creator of the “Taste of Toulouse” food tour. A gourmet tour through the stalls of the Victor Hugo market, discovering the many local specialities, from the famous French baguette, through the cheeses of Occitanie, the Toulouse sausage, the Fronton wines, without forgetting the “Toulouse-Brest”. A violet-based dessert, created by the Toulouse patisserie B. Authié.

Photos: Agence d’Attractivité Toulouse

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