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Travel agents struggle to market against online travel giants


With the looming threat of direct booking sites and online booking providers, travel agents need to be able to clearly articulate the advantages consumers get when they work with a travel consultant.

Today, many travel consultants align themselves with a consortium to help them manage some of the pieces. A consortium is an organization made up of independent travel consultants and agencies that offers access to benefits like marketing assistance, technology and tools, and ongoing training.

One such consortium is Signature Travel Network. Consortium’s philosophy is to stay in the background and let the agency/consultant own the client relationship.

Staying in the background involves implementing complex technology that allows the travel agency member to maintain their own branding.

Members have access to technology that allows them to record client information and preferences, which all feeds back into a consolidated database. That information  is updated each day via a database sync.  All communications are also 100% agency branded.

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