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Kerala is a beautiful place to go for a vacation

There are many reasons why travel to Kerala. Many thingd to do and see, such as beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and spice farms that you can visit. The food there is also delicious! You should try eating some of their tasty dishes while you are there.


If you like relaxing environments then Kerala will be perfect for you because it has lots of them! There are also lots of activities that people can do while they are visiting Kerala: hiking through the mountains, swimming in the sea or river, visiting historic ruins, etc.

Kerala is one of the best places to visit in India


There are many places to see, including beaches and mountains. The food is delicious and there are many relaxing environments to choose from. You can also hike or go horseback riding on the beach!
Rice is a staple food in India, and Kerala is one of the few places that grow rice. The paddy fields are a sight to behold, with their lush greenery and rainbow colors. While you’re in Kerala, make sure you visit some of these paddy fields!

Kerala has a rich food culture

It is famous for its vegetarian food. The cuisine in Kerala is influenced by the state,s long coastline and its tropical climate, creating some of India,s most diverse and distinct regional cuisines. Malayalis make liberal use of coconut, spices, peppercorns, cashew nuts, and other regional produce while preparing their dishes.

kerala food

Kerala is famous for its seafood as well

One of the unique features of Kerala cuisine is its emphasis on sadya – an elaborate feast involving rice cooked in milk with vegetables or vegetable juices, buttermilk, etc. Seasoned with mustard seeds or curry leaves mixed with ghee roasted aromatic spices like coriander seeds, and cardamom, accompanied by hot vadams )small round balls made from ground rice flour).

Traditional houseboats

Travel to Kerala

It is constructed from wood and has a thatched roof, but these days they are more commonly made from fiberglass. Many people still use them as a way to travel around Kerala. Houseboats have been used in this way since at least the 17th century and likely earlier than that. In the 20th century when cars became popular and roads were built between cities like Allepey and Kochi they post their popularity. They are still popular with tourists today because they provide an opportunity to see villages and countryside areas that would not otherwise be accessible by car or bus.

Vembade Lake is the largest lake in Kerala and also the longest one in India. It is separated from the Arabian Sea by a narrow strip of land about 4km wide with small islands dotting its entire perimeter. With 900 km of interconnected canals rivers, lakes, and lagoons there are plenty of ways to experience these incredible waterways.

Spice plantations

tea and spices

Kerala is known for its tea and spices. The most famous is Cardamom. It is used in many products including ice cream and toothpaste. Cardamom plantations are located in the central part of Kerala and have been cultivated for over 600 years. The spice trade has always been very important for Kerala,s economy especially when it comes to exporting since there are no other major industries here other than agriculture itself. To this day spices like peppermint remain popular worldwide because they have medicinal properties.

Kerala is a mountainous state


It has several mountain ranges including the Western Ghats and Attapydy hills. The highest peak in this region is Anamudi Peak which rises 2.695 m above sea level.
In Kerala, you can visit many places like Munnar, Alappuzha, and Cochin. There are many tourist spots in this state such as Kollur Mookambika Temple, Veeyapuram Mahadeva Temple, and Thirunelli Temple. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature then you must visit Munnar where there is beautiful wildlife near your home with different types of birds and animals live there peacefully without any fear from human beings which will give a great feeling when you see those beautiful things with your eyes.

Munnar has lots of mountains located on its peak which makes it look like heaven on Earth where people have been going there for so long time just because they love nature so much that they don’t want to leave this place until they die. It’s also famous for trekking lovers because everywhere here have mountain trails available for them who love adventure sports activities such as hiking or climbing etc.,

Kerala is also famous for beaches

Travel to Kerala

where tourists come across many resorts in order to relax properly because sometimes it becomes very hard for us all especially after coming back from office work where we need some rest so badly but we cannot get one at home only right?

In addition to its beaches and resorts, it offers ayurvedic treatments and massages, which are also part of a local tradition.


As well as its beaches, Kerala offers ayurvedic treatments and massages, which are part of a long-standing local tradition. The unique healing therapies have proven to be popular with tourists seeking relief from physical ailments as well as mental and spiritual ailments.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine that promotes the health benefits of meditation, yoga, and massage in addition to herbal remedies. It combines traditional medical practices with natural healing methods that can help you achieve physical balance in your body by balancing the three humors (doctors believe there are three basic types of bodily fluids: vata or wind; pitta or bile; kapha or phlegm) in your mind as well as your soul.

You can visit Ayurveda hospitals as well as many private clinics and resorts that provide treatment and relaxation sessions based on this discipline and lifestyle.


In Kerala, you can visit Ayurveda hospitals as well as many private clinics and resorts that provide treatment and relaxation sessions based on this discipline and lifestyle. Ayurvedic treatments are based on the concept of ‘Vata’, ‘Pitta’, and ‘Kapha’ (air, fire, water) which govern all bodily functions.

The main treatments available at ayurvedic clinics include body massages using oils or creams made of special herbs, massages with herbal oils to regenerate nerves; enemas; purification therapies such as steam baths; oil baths; diet therapy aimed at removing toxins from the body through avoidance of spicy foods or dehydration caused by excessive sweating during exercise.

Kerala’s tradition of Ayurveda stems back over 5,000 years.


The origin of the ayurvedic system of medicine is rooted in the teachings of ancient Vedic texts, which date back to over 5,000 years ago. India’s diverse cultural history can be traced back to this period as well. Ayurveda has played a crucial role in forming and shaping India’s culture since its inception; it even influenced other ancient civilizations like Greece and China.

Kerala has a long history with Ayurveda that stems back over 5,000 years! Ayurveda was first used by our ancestors as they searched for natural remedies to cure various ailments that plagued their daily lives. The practice eventually caught on with many others throughout India due to its success rate at treating common health conditions—and we’re still benefiting from it today!


So what should we do now? Travel to Kerala.

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