Travelling after retirement: where should you visit in Europe?

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If you’ve already retired or your retirement date is on the horizon, you might want to celebrate this huge milestone by going on a trip. Retirement can be a tough time for some, with many retirees struggling with the abrupt change in their routines. A holiday might be just the thing you need and it’s a great way to welcome the extended free time.

In order to plan for your holiday, first think about how you’re going to pay for it. Whether you decide to release some cash through an equity release or spend some of your savings, once you know what you can afford you can investigate some exciting destinations.



Where the sun shines all year round, Mallorca is a welcome change from the unpredictable weather of Northern Europe. Because of its temperate climate, you can visit outside of the peak tourist season, enjoying beaches, lower prices and landmarks all for yourself. 

There are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in nature too with the undulating landscapes, pristine coastline and dense forests. 



Another destination that boasts one of the best climates in Europe, Malta enjoys T-shirt weather from winter through to summer. Made up of 8 islands that form the stunning archipelago, there are plenty of places and cultures to explore here. 

And you don’t need to worry about the language barrier – as a former British colony, Malta’s second language is English and almost all the locals are proficient in the language.



If your retirement goal is to celebrate the end of tasteless packed lunches at work by eating great food every day (a very worthwhile ambition), you couldn’t do better than Italy. The unofficial food capital of Europe, you can graze on fresh pizza, pasta and antipasti morning, noon and night. 

Make it a real foodie tour by stopping off in Naples and Tuscany. Naples is where the humble pizza was founded in the first place and Tuscany boasts some of the best wine in the country. 



Speaking of food, you can’t neglect France, specifically Brittany. A region that has a very strong identity that is interlocked with the endless food that is special to the region, Brittany is a wonderful destination if you want to enjoy an affordable holiday with great food.

It also enjoys a very slow pace of life that is made all the more special by the endless rugged coastline that locals and visitors can’t get enough of.

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