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Uber under attack by strong competition

Uber under attack by strong competition

Uber’s business model is no secret. The company’s great success in the stock markets is what other investors into technology would also like to achieve. The company has no vehicles of its own and may not be generating profit yet, but its value on the stock market is what investors use to measure success.

Uber under attack

There are several such successful companies in the world. The best known is Lyft. The prices look very similar, just as their sales. Also similar is requesting a ride via an application. Uber is a considerably larger company, present in a number of markets, but Lyft is also expanding. When using Uber on San Francisco airport, I noticed that quite a few vehicles have both stickers on the rear window, which means that drivers drive for both companies, whichever calls first. Uber has a considerably larger luxury fleet (Black), but in general, Lyft can be up to 10% cheaper.

Together with GM corporation, Lyft is also developing self-driving cars.

Uber under attack by strong competition

While Uber and Lyft are competing with each other in various locations, all over the world there are alliances of other major transportation companies cropping up. News coming from Dubai and China are announcing the merger of Careem Inc and Yidao Yongche. They would use the startup technology by the London company Splyt to coordinate payments and ride requests in different markets. Thus clients would use only one application in several countries, just like with Uber. This would increase the offer to over 3.5 million vehicles. Splyt is offering the technology to other local companies as well, in order to favor international travellers and compete with Uber.

As for Adria Alps region, the Olligo application was announced last summer in Zagreb, Split and Vienna. This is a startup owned by people from our region. One of its features is Smart Deals, a novelty which means that drivers and clients agree on the price of the ride. Cars are divided into two categories, the cheaper Base and the more expensive Space. One should try it.

I’ve never heard of anyone using it, but that does not mean it doesn’t work.

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