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Unforgettable Capri


The Island of Capri, a mere 45-minute catamaran ride from Naples, is a gorgeous island with a rocky cliff side and beautiful tropical vegetation. The catamaran docks in the island’s main harbour.

The two towns on the island – Capri and Anacapri (the prefix “ana” means “up” or “above” since it’s located above the town of Capri) – are situated higher up on the island and you can take the local bus or a taxi to get to these two towns. Taking the very narrow and winding road that stretches across the island to reach these two towns is an experience in itself – scary and exciting at the same time. I would recommend visiting Anacapri first, which is situated on a higher point of the two towns. Anacapri is a very charming small town with many restaurants and souvenir shops. For nature lovers, I strongly recommend visiting Villa San Michele with its unforgettable gardens and spectacular views. The price of the ticket for the Villa is 8 euros, which is well worth it considering the views and beauty of the gardens.

Anacapri is also somewhat cheaper than Capri, so if you get hungry, stop for lunch at one of the cute and charming restaurants there. I recommend Pizzeria Aumm Aumm, where they offer a three-course meal and drink for 15 euros. There is also a unique little church in Anacapri, Chiesa San Michele, whose entire floor is one big, beautiful mosaic, and definitely one of a kind and worth seeing. After a short bus (or taxi) ride from Anacapri, you will find yourselves in the town of Capri.

Capri, which is somewhat bigger and much more expensive than Anacapri, also has numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants. For spectacular views, a 10-minute walk down long narrow streets to the Gardens of Augustus is definitely worth it. The view is truly one of a kind and unforgettable Capri style!

There is also a funicular in Capri that takes you to the main harbour where the catamarans are docked. If you prefer to visit the two towns on the island from the bottom up, you can also take the funicular from the harbour to the town of Capri, and then the local bus or taxi to Anacapri.

There are two boat trips available on the island. The first is a trip to the Blue Cave (Grotta Azzurra) and the second is a one-hour boat ride around the entire island. Tickets for the latter can be bought in the harbour when you get off the catamaran and cost 16 euros. To get to the Blue Cave, there is a bus from the main bus station in Anacapri. This bus takes you to the other side of the island where you will board the little boat to the Blue Cave.

If beaches are your thing, the majority of them are located on the other side of the island, opposite the harbour, although there is one beach just a little further down from the harbour itself, about a 10-minute walk.

All in all, the Island of Capri has something for everyone, from stunning views and gardens, to shopping, to delicious food and fine wine. Definitely an unforgettable experience that you have to see for yourself! Unforgettable Capri 🙂 

Petra Pintaric

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