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Why not to go on Vacation

Why not to go on Vacation? Soon the holiday season begins and many will descend to the sea or the village, on excursion or anywhere else they may have desired and waited to go all previous year long. But is that really ok? Does a vacation have a good effect on us? It seems not as much as we may believe…

Stress level decreases – Whether we want to admit it or not, a high stress level is something we have already become accustomed to, and when we get rid of it, we feel like a deflated balloon. Suddenly we rejoice life; we take off our wrist watches and leave our cell phones and „important “e-mails unanswered; we turn to people around us, some of which we get to know for the first time really, although we are in their company quite often… All in all, releasing the stress from our lives that abruptly is not good for us and we should strive to reboot to our „factory settings “as soon as possible.


Holiday allows us to rethink everything, but is that really good for us? Maybe we can manage to find solutions to problems that have been troubling us for some time, but what then? What will become our preoccupation then? If this should happen, we urgently need to find some new “unsolvable” problem and, as soon as possible, start worrying about it. People tend to always care about something that might never happen, so it should not be problematic to find a new topic. Try it, it’s not difficult.

Exercising, walking in nature, swimming in the sea, lakes … all of this has a bad effect on our body that is accustomed to just sitting, eating and drinking. Pain in the muscles is annoying so it is best to give up exercising altogether. You can also survive your holidays doing practically nothing – watching Big brother and living other people’s lives. Why take your life and health into your own hands? It requires mental and physical effort.

Enjoying life is a particular problem. To go somewhere on vacation and to enjoy it almost equals betrayal of the typical Croatian tragedy. It is necessary to resist it, and no matter how nice and relaxing your vacation might be, you must maintain the level of dissatisfaction, whining and blaming others for your own misfortune. It is also important to impose such mood on everyone in your surroundings so that they would not accidentally, heavens forbid, enjoy their holidays. Enjoyment is against human nature. Even the church is preaching so.

It is especially dangerous to travel. It can change you. It can make you overcome your prejudices. It can undermine the myths imposed on to you by others. You may experience the breath of freedom that no establishment approves of and eventually start using your own brain. That’s where it becomes really dangerous. Rather than listening and commenting on various morons that nowadays call themselves politicians, you might accidentally open your eyes and experience new surroundings, realizing nothing is like what you have been told.

You might meet new people with new ideas; interesting and entertaining people who are not from your workplace. People you know nothing about and have nothing in common with – not event that certain someone you always gossip about. Just imagine it: people who do not work in your company, who don’t know the gossip about your boss, nor care who hooked up with who and where on the last team building event, really exist!

Finally, you must be careful! The world is much bigger than your office, classroom or college. There is no hierarchy in the world similar to one at your home or workplace. Everything starts from the beginning. With every new encounter or experience, we broaden our horizons and learn something new that sets us apart from others. The question is whether we are ready for it.

Perhaps it is better to stay home and not go on vacation. Perhaps it is better to play the role of a victim and impose to everyone around you your dedication to the company that led you not to go on your well-deserved vacation. After all, someone needs to work while others are having fun and enjoying themselves. The role of the victim is well-suited to many and is often repeated in a subconscious desire to impose guilt on others. Some even work when they go on their vacations –  they clean all day, wash, store, babysit herds of other people’s children to whom they cook, and, of course, never rest – because deep down inside, they do not want to! Let others rest. Not me.

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