In Val Thorens happiness is a philosophy

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In Val Thorens happiness is a philosophy that comes in all shapes and sizes from the 18th of November to the 8th of May. Since 2012, Val Thorens has been committed to making the resort one where well-being and consideration reign supreme.

 Every year it seeks expert advice in order to train its resort professionals in how to create positive customer experiences.Over the past 8 years, the slope maintenance teams and steam have invested more than 230.8M € to renovate and expand the ski lifts.
They innovated skier services and install fun zones in a ski area. That’s always at the cutting edge of modernity and comfort.
Val Thorens happiness
150 km of ski runs with 99% of the ski area located between altitudes of 2,000 and 3,230 meters.11 green, 34 blue, 29 red and 9 black runs. 31 ski lifts and 18 free Wi-Fi zones. 9 live cams and more fan cams than you can count!

This year they’re doing so with the help of stress management expert,dr.Philippe Rodet, who showed that here more than anywhere else, there are all the ingredients required to eliminate stress and feel revitalized. With him they have designed the MY SERENITY method. Full of top well-being tips and a method to follow during and after your stay in Val Thorens.Available to any holidaymaker looking for a way to soak up the benefits of a stay in Val Thorens.

Val Thorens happiness
The resort is SMART, and digitalization plays a role in every sector. But on one condition – technology has to improve the welcome and the experience as a whole!
In Val Thorens, they believe that the resort of tomorrow will be one that is able to forge unique links between its clients, locals and environment,
Val Thorens is a pioneering resort and a leader in terms of digital transformation. Digitalisation plays a role in every sector.
Here you don’t expect to find historical architecture. The resort is only 46
years old.
However, that means you can hear all the best stories by actually going
to meet the locals Aurélie Rey in her boutique-restaurant Alpen Art. Marc Gorini in his Pashmina and 3 Vallées hotels. Or Grand Guy in his montagnette.
In true Val Thorens’ style, the 2017-2018 winter season is brimming with festive, colorful events.
Val Thorens happiness
From the Grand Première to launch the season through to the Apothéose Days and the very last day of skiing.
Just two months before Pyeongchang’s Olympic Games, Val Thorens
will open the Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross World Cup. Two
champions are representing their discipline, Jean-Frédéric Chapuis and Chloé Trespeuch. Val Thorens is the perfect place for athletes to train, but it’s also their chance to gain the last few qualification points needed to represent France at the
Olympic Games!
In Val Thorens there are 55 restaurants, 1 Michelin-starred restaurant, 12 slopeside restaurants, 1 restaurant with a Michelin ‘fourchette’, 3 restaurants awarded “Master Restaurateur” status to take you on a gourmet journey.


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