Vienna on a bicycle – Ringstrasse

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Vienna on a bicycle – Ringstrasse
Ringstrasse is probably one of the most beautiful streets in the world.

I recently took a bike ride around the Ring to make this video. The cycle lanes are very well maintained, leading mostly through the tree alleys. Vienna on a bicycle is an excellent experience.
The lanes are partly separated from the pedestrian ones, and where they are not, everybody respects the cyclists. Naturally, they are far from the cars and other traffic. Bicycles in Vienna are for many an everyday means of transport. The city is mostly flat so it’s not difficult to ride. Parking lots for bikes are everywhere, and there are also many stations (120) where you can take and leave a rented Citybike. The first hour is free, and the best thing to do is register online.
As for the traffic, bikes are present in all the streets but it is not allowed (and nobody does it) to ride on the pavement or in the city parks (except Prater). On the street, the cyclists are equal to all the other traffic participants. In some places the lanes are marked with paint, in some they are not, but nobody honks the horn or overtakes irritatedly. It is, after all, Vienna.
Vienna on a bicycle is an excellent sightseeing option. It’s cheap and also good for the health, so many tourists rent city bikes.
Vienna on a bicycle is also organized as a tour of the city. A tour of the Ring with no stops takes about half an hour. Anyone can do it easily. In some places, you need to lock up the bike and take a stroll through the parks, go to a museum or two or have a cup of coffee. In that case, the best thing to do is return the bike to the station and take another one when needed.
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