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Vienna Ring

Vienna is not a city of bicycles like Amsterdam, for instance, but here, too, cyclists are kings of traffic. In many locations there are dedicated lanes on the streets and crossroads. Where there are none, the bicycles ride around with the same rights as other traffic participants. It doesn’t even occur to anyone to ride on the pavement. Especially not in pedestrian zones and parks. Yes, parks are off limits to bicycles as they are to dogs. Dogs have their special fenced areas, and bicycles have the streets. It is a genuine pleasure the ride around downtown Vienna. Along the entire Ring, one of the most beautiful streets in the world, there are marked lanes on both sides of the wide avenue. They pass through the shaded tree alley surrounded on both sides by magnificent palaces. There are few better places to cycle in Europe. On this summer afternoon, it was a special pleasure to ride behind Viennese women in frilly frocks. The only thing more beautiful than Vienna are its women. All fit, smart casual… it made me think that half of Europe should be made to get on a bike… Those who don’t have their own can rent a bike free of charge at any of the numerous stations where one can take or return a city bike. It requires filling out an application form, best done online. And returning it on time. On a bike, you can always see more than from a car or on foot.

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