Top 5 places to see in Vilnius

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Lithuania is a country that is often overlooked due to its lack of world famous Instagram locations and its  location in the Baltics. The capital Vilnius hasn’t yet witnessed a post-communism tourism boom.

Lithuanian capital has completely reinvented itself. Now it’s a vibrant and modern city with a amount of cultural and historical sights. Lithuania is officially the country with the fastest internet connection in the world and its population is technology-crazy.Top 5 places to see in Vilnius:

1.Old Town is like in fairy tale

Picturesque Old Town full of cobbled alleys and charming small restaurants and shops. It is in fact one the largest surviving medieval old towns in Northern Europe and was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1994. In this area you will see Upper Castle, National Museum and Vilnius Cathedral.

Top 5 places to see in Vilnius

2.Hills with amazing viewpoints

Vilnius has few hills with amazing views over the city and constitute a playground for history enthusiasts.The major hill is the Upper Castle Complex.The castle’s original structure was wooden and built in 1409.The fortifications served as a defence mechanism against invaders. Another hill worth mentioning is the Hill of Three Crosses.  The crosses were originally built in the 17th century to commemorate the martyrs of monks in the 14th century. The original site was destroyed by the Soviets and rebuilt in 1989.

Top 5 places to see in Vilnius

3.The National Museum

Located just beside the Upper Castle, the Lithuanian National Museum will delight history lovers with more than million historical exhibits and  ancient items and artefacts about the different periods in Lithuania’s timeline.

This fully renovated museum gives you a glimpse into Lithuania’s highly complicated past, from the time when King Mindaugas united hundreds of Baltic tribes into the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Lithuania’s history is interesting and unique and a trip to its largest and best equipped museum is therefore essential in order to get a better understanding of this young nation.

Top 5 places to see in Vilnius

4. Old compound full of Soviet military vehicles

The War Machinery and Transport Museum  is located close to Vilnius Cathedral and boasts a large exhibition of military vehicles used in Lithuania from 1969.  Most of the vehicles stand outside and when you visit the museum in winter. It looks like a disused military compound in Siberia.The inside part of the exhibition isn’t bad either and the whole site has a spooky yet historically insightful feel to it.

Top 5 places to see in Vilnius

5.Night out in one of Vilnius’ party temples

Vilnius has a buzzing nightlife scene located mostly around Vokieciu gatve road. The Lithuanian way of partying usually involves enjoying  beer in trendy bars before heading to other bars and dance clubs.

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