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What you need to know about the Water Festival?

What you need to know about the Water Festival?

Cambodia water festival -The annual celebration is a feast for the senses. In November, Cambodia erupts into one of the biggest celebrations of the year with Bon Om Touk,  known as the Cambodian Water Festival.

The annual festival marks the end of Cambodia’s rainy season. Bon Om Touk has been celebrated in Cambodia since as13th century. It signifies a celebration of water as an invaluable, life-giving resource.

Where does it take place? Water festival is celebrated all around Cambodia. In Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, the festival is commemorated with boat races. In smaller communities, celebrations include special feasts, performances, dances and parties, and singing.

It is celebrated by anyone and everyone! It is a non-religious celebration. Some events such as the boat races, which have cultural and historical precedent. Try to learn more about Cambodia’s  heritage before joining the festivities.

Bon Om Touk  takes place once a year, in October or early November . The date variates. In weather is  Cambodia is hotall year, so depend on daytime temperatures in the low- to mid-30s Celsius . Nights during the later part of the year can be a bit cooler. Even Bon Om Touk is not a religious festival, you may visit a some temples during your visit.  For this, you will need a conservative dress that covers your knees and shoulders, and women need a scarf.


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