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What to do in Singapore when it gets dark?

What to do in Singapore when it gets dark?

It gets dark early in Singapore. Almost exactly at 6 p.m. both in the winter and in the summer. Singapore is on the Equator so the change between day and night is almost the same throughout the year. So the question is: what to do in Singapore when it gets dark?

Singapore is especially attractive after the equatorial sun sets. Often, this does not mean it will get much colder, but it will be more pleasant.

After the lights around the Marina Bay are turned on, everything looks like the setting of a modernist fairytale, but a good one. In Singapore it seems there are no “bad guys”. Everyone smiles pleasantly, so the night is as safe as the day. There are several places where it’s lovely, or better put, stunning to walk in the evening, but the surroundings of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel are definitely the most attractive. Gardens by the Bay look like the set of an SF movie, and are the most famous attraction of this great city. Over a million plants and twenty million visitors in the two years it’s been open. No entry fee charged. Just as interesting during the day as it is at night.

When I arrived in Singapore for the first time, in mid-1980s, it was night. I had never before seen so many lights. Orchard Road, the main shopping street of this island city, was full of lamps that we only use for Christmas. In Singapore, some streets are decorated all year long. As the years went by, Singapore turned from a city that Europeans visited to buy cheap electronics and the smuggling center of this part of Asia into the most modern city in the world, full of superlatives. Around the artificial Marina Bay Lake, buildings have been erected the likes of which are nowhere else to be seen. From the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its rooftop pool, the Garden by the Bay artificial park, shopping mall and casino, to the oddly shaped concert hall.

What to do in Singapore when it gets dark?

The  must-see neighborhoods after sunset are Clarke Quay, where practically all outings begin, Orchard Road which used to be the city center and is still holding its own, Beach Bars on the Sentosa Island for a more relaxed atmosphere, Chinatown for a good and cheap night meal, and of course, always Gardens by the Bay.

The best places to go out are considered to be roof top bars that have spread over Asia and the rest of the world like a virus. These are usually elegant places for smartly dressed young professionals. Here, ties come loose and stilettos are taken off for dancing until the wee small hours of the night. The most famous ones are Loof, which was the first on this particular scene, Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel, SuperTree by Indochine on the highest edifice at Gardens by the Bay, Level 33 with the best view of the Marina with its brewery, the very luxurious CE LA VI, bar, and number one, 1-Altitude on the 63rd floor of One Raffles Place.

There are many answers to the question what to do in Singapore after dark, but since there are many options and never enough money, just chose what makes you happy.

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