What to pack for a trip?

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What to pack for a trip ? The eternal dilemma and never-solved mystery. We always seem to need precisely the thing we have forgotten to take. It’s easy if you’re traveling by car. I might as well pack it, is what everyone thinks, but the problem occurs when you need to fly. If you do not have business class and the right to two pieces of luggage, you must carefully choose what to pack.

It’s easier to pack for a summer destination as the clothes are thinner and lighter. So let’s see what to pack.

T-shirts and tops – Wherever you are, T-shirts and tops are IN. Five pieces will not take up too much space, are not heavy, and they’re also cool. You should definitely take long sleeves. One such T-shirt or sweater will protect you from the sun and wind. In the evening, it can help stave off mosquitoes.

Pants – Shorts and skirts are the best item of clothing for the summer and are acceptable in any situation except formal dinners. It’s also good to take a pair of long trousers, especially if you’re going hiking or climbing. They’ll protect you from bugs, thorns and rocks.

Jacket – Even though it’s summer, it’s always good to have a light jacket. The weather changes quickly and easily so if a strong wind blows and it starts to rain, a jacket will come in handy. A jacket is also a very important piece of clothing for climbers.

Shoes – An eternal problem for women. How many pairs should I take? One for this dress, another for the other one… OK if you’re going to Dubrovnik or Hvar and are planning to go out in the evening a lot. For anyone else, all you need is light shoes for the city, flip flops for the beach, and perhaps sneakers for sports and hiking in not very demanding terrain.

Underwear and swimsuits – As a rule, take 5 or more pairs if you have nowhere to wash them or are planning to stay longer. For swimming, you should have two to three swimsuits.

Caps or hats and socks – Definitely at least one because you do need to protect yourself from the strong sunlight. Socks are important for hiking and climbing or motorcycle rides, and although they do not always look very fetching, they are much more hygienic than bare feet (and smell less).

Toiletries – Standard, meaning toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving kit, sunblock, deodorant and a little perfume, mosquito spray, wet wipes and antiseptic hand wash.

All this fits into a large suitcase or bag or backpack and does not weigh more than 20 kg. It’s good to have another bag for day or short excursions where you can put all you need. It’s also good to have a special purse, belt or neck pouch to keep your personal documents and money.

A good book, music and earphones. Chargers, batteries, camera, and telephone. Travel insurance.

There’s your answer to the question what to pack for a trip ? And if you have forgotten something, you can buy it or borrow it and make sure you pack better next time.



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