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What to see in Rouen?

What to see in Rouen 

This is a question with many answers.


Rouen is definitely one of the most beautiful French cities. The abundant history on the crossroads traversed by the Romans, Vikings, and later on Normans and Frenchmen. Religious conflicts has also left its traces on the city and its inhabitants. The name of Joan of Arc is to this day pronounced with a sense of shame. It was back in 1431 that she was unjustly sentenced and burned at the stake at one of the city squares. She lost her life and was later rehabilitated, while Richard the Lionheart left his heart in the city that saw him crowned.

So, what to see in Rouen 

The river Seine – for a long time, Rouen was the second biggest and most important city of France – the maritime port of Paris. Although located about a hundred kilometers from the Atlantic. Today, the river Seine is navigable even further, however, throughout the centuries naval ships would sail only down to Rouen, where they would unload their cargo. The majority of guests nowadays come from river cruisers, of which there are about a dozen docking daily. A special event will take place this year from June 6 to 16, with the Armada festival of sailing boats.


What to see in Rouen 

The city – wealthy merchants and nobility have made Rouen a pleasant place to live, which is evident to this day. Located on both sides of the mighty Seine, it is open to visitors. Parks on one side, and the old core on the other. The old city core has been turned into a promenade among wooden edifices, numerous boutiques, cafés and restaurants.

What to see in Rouen ?

Museums – the attractive multimedia Historial Jeanne d’Arc is located in the historical site where her trial took place. The Musée des Beaux Arts is one of the finest in France. Normandy is the homeland of impressionists, so this place boasts the works of Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Degas, and many others. Panorama XXL is the latest museum attraction with a huge, three storeys high circular picture of 1431 Rouen. In addition to these, there are at least a dozen other museums.


And finally, there are also things to taste in Rouen rather than just see. Cheese, apple cider, calvados, delicious seafood from the nearby Atlantic, and many other things offered in the numerous excellent restaurants of Rouen. It is also a city for the young, so there is no shortage of good fun and nightlife. Along the Seine, there are centers with clubs, cafés and restaurants.

Rouen is a city of culture, entertainment and gastronomy.

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