Zagreb is special in his own little way

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Zagreb is special in his own little way

Zagreb, Croatia - 1 (4)

I love living here for many different reasons and some of them I’ll share in this post. Regardless of the time of the day, the first thing you notice when visiting Zagreb is the amount of cafes and bars full of people. Streets around Flower square have the highest concentration.

Drinking coffee is a lifestyle

here and social event. I like the feeling of eternal spring due to flower stands but even more I enjoy coffee time with my friends. We usually meet at the most popular meeting point ‘under the clock’ on the west side of the Ban Jelačić square.

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City can be very bustling and busy during the day, luckily Zagreb has quick green getaways from the rush. I have a feeling that every crowded area has a peaceful park next to it, like Zrinjevac park or Botanical garden.
Markets are the heart of every city and Zagreb’s heart is huge. With so many markets all over the city the antique market on the British square is probably the coolest. Here you can find literally everything, from old books, vinyl records, vintage clothes, old watches to the interesting pieces of furniture.
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Even here Zagreb has a hidden gem. St Roch’s park is just one minute away. It’s not popular or beautiful as some other city’s parks, but it’s a unique architectural achievement and I really like spending time here. It’s quiet, melancholic, offers a calm oasis in the city and it’s a perfect place for picnic.
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Upper Town

Just around the corner from bustling squares and streets full of blue trams, aimless
wandering could take you to secluded paths. Upper town is one of them, maybe even my dearest part of the city. Meandering narrow alleyways, passing through Stone gate filled with locals in their silent prayers, reaching Gradec plateau with the best view of the Zagreb cathedral, skyline gazing from Strossmayer promenade are just some of my rituals when I’m here. I’m happy when I find impressive pieces of artwork on the streets, peeking inside courtyards or stumbling on some by accident.
Zagreb is special
Dear tourist, Zagreb has a river – the Sava. It doesn’t flow through the city centre and walking paths alongside are not a standard tourist attraction. They are definitely worth exploring, you’ll observe captivating sculptures dotted around.
Zagreb is special
I can’t imagine my life without music, concerts are a huge happiness for me. Jumping up and down to a perfect beat, dancing and singing with people that love it just as much as I do. This is the atmosphere at music festival held in Zagreb on the island in the middle of Jarun lake. Lake is quite big and perfect for recreation, but that’s not the only lake in Zagreb. Maksimir park is so big and it has five of them. This is my favourite place to be on sunny weekends, the Zagreb urban wilderness.
Zagreb is special
TIP: Pick a few places to explore on foot, challenge yourself to find a few things on the explore list. Festival of lights.
Photos were taken randomly, during several years, through all seasons (Winter).

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