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Llanes, an untouched gem in Asturias, Green Spain

  by Genevieve McCarthy, Owner of Cellar Tours    Flanked by the majestic Picos de Europa mountain range and facing the sea, Llanes in Asturias has one of the most dramatic settings in Spain. The town is compact and quaint and features a medieval core bursting to the brim with cozy cider houses and […]

Danubiana – located at the very heart of the EU

The narrow, elegant peninsula in the midst of the mighty Danube is the location of a rare amalgamation. Museums take decades, or even centuries, to be established and grow under the patronage of kings, popes, states… Danubiana emerged out of nothing. The enthusiasm of Dr. Vincent Polakovič and the financial resources of the Dutch collector […]


Although the chances of ‘accidentally’ finding yourself in Lancaster are very slim, it is interesting to see in England something other than London,  that usually comes to our mind when we think of England. The reason I went there was a three-month ERASMUS+ scholarship for a study visit to the Lancaster University. Situated in North-West […]

Monarch will fly to Zagreb from London/Gatwick and Manchester

Monarch adds another capital city to its network with Zagreb. Zagreb has been growing in popularity over the last few years and with its gothic themes and colourful architecture, the Croatian city makes an ideal city break. Monarch will fly to Zagreb from London/Gatwick 3x weekly  (Mon.,Wed. and Fri.) From Manchester 2x weekly (Mon. and […]

Messner Mountain Museum Corones

Reinhold Messner is not only the most famous mountaineer and alpinist, but also a good storyteller. One of the museum halls constantly replays his documentaries from alpinist expeditions undertaken all over the world. The Messner Mountain Museum is located at the very top of the renowned ski resort Plan de Corones/Kronplatz, at an altitude of 2,275. […]

The Winter solstice at Stonhenge

The Winter solstice happens at the same instant for all of us, everywhere on Earth. This year the solstice occured on Wednesday December 21st at 10:44 GMT (Universal time).  with the sun rising over Stonhenge at 08:04. Stonhenge gathering Each year on the 21st December visitors from around the world gather at Stonehenge early in the morning to […]

Surfing in Portugal

Surfing in Portugal  Usually when someone tries to surf for the first time, what happens is they fall in love with surfing. This is what has happened to me also. My favorite surf destination is Portugal where I started my surf story by visiting my friends at Kohola Surf Camp, who organize surf travels. Although […]

Iceland – Geothermal activity

Geothermal activity and natural hot tubs Most of the swimming pools are heated by geothermal energy, natural resource of big importance since ancient times. Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, even owes its name to the steam of hot springs (smoke, as Ingólfur Arnarson, the first settler called it). Reykjavik literally means “The Bay of Smokes”. […]

The sea – desert scent of Santorini

Scent One of the things I like to do when I land in a new country is to take in the scent. The sea-desert scent of Santorini was immediately dispersed by the strong wind that blew for most of my stay there. Luckily, I love the wind, it somehow reminds me of the dynamics of […]

Moscow – 24 Hours

24 Hours in Moscow – 2hrs – Kremlin : historical and spiritual centre of Moscow. The fortified historical distriict is enclosed by high walls that are 2 kn long. The entrance ticket includes admission to all five churches in the Kremlin and Patriarch Palace. 2hrs – Red Square – outside the Kremlin,s wall. Cobblestoned square […]

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