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Alpine Lifestyle -The White Pearl Mountain Days

Skiing in the sunshine, international top acts, star chefs, and 270 kilometres of piste Use the morning to discover perfect piste conditions, and let the skis glide over the spring snow. During the afternoon enjoy the sun’s rays and simply enjoy life. Sunshine skiing in the Austrian mountains offers you the opportunity to experience the […]

Fika in Stockholm and the infamous cruise there

Six hours in a tax office is a lot, six hours of sleep is not enough, and how about six hours in a city like Stockholm? Even though low-cost airlines now offer direct flights to Stockholm from Croatia, I came there form across the Baltic sea, beautiful (and at this time of the year, really […]

TOP 5 Warm Destinations to Escape From Winter

If you’re desperate to get away to warmer temperatures, you’re not alone. We’ve rounded TOP 5 Warm Destinations to Escape From Winter: Turks and Caicos Turks and Caicos makes – idyllic beach getaway and diving paradise, just what you need this winter. The average January high is hot, and there are plenty of luxurious hotels […]

Why not to go on Vacation

Why not to go on Vacation? Soon the holiday season begins and many will descend to the sea or the village, on excursion or anywhere else they may have desired and waited to go all previous year long. But is that really ok? Does a vacation have a good effect on us? It seems not as […]

Top 10 things to do in Berlin

Thanks to its abundance of cool galleries, attractions and nightlife , there’s no end of things to do in Berlin. Berlin’s history of battling ideologies makes for some of the most fascinating sightseeing in Europe. Walk the Wall, step back into the past and hang out with the avant-garde. Top 10 things to do in Berlin: […]

Tales behind windowpanes

Whenever I first get into a new city, I gleefully notice the windows and doors on houses. One of the first things I learned to draw when I was a kid were houses, of course. I always thought windows to be the eyes and doors the mouth of those houses. The nose was a bit […]

Los Angeles – the city of dreams

Ever dreamed of going to California and exploring Los Angeles – the city of dreams?  The most fascinating places in Los Angeles are totally worth visiting! Los Angeles – the city of dreams First things first. You should rent a car to get around easily!  Don’t rely on public transportation in LA, it can’t keep […]

The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice  is an annual festival held in Venice. The Carnival ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday (Martedì Grasso or Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday. Today, Carnevale in Venice is a huge celebration. While many events,particularly the opulent masquerade balls.require invitations and have […]

How many centuries does Kotor count?

How many centuries does Kotor’s age even count? I kept asking myself this question whenever I heard that annoying song by Galija, wondering why Kotor’s age was more important than the age of all other cities. I had never been to Kotor, so I didn’t have any personal impressions of it except for the foggy […]

9 usual scams in Southeast Asia – ways to avoid them

9 usual scams in Southeast Asia – ways to avoid them Planning a Southeast Asia trip? You should read this.  Some of these scams aren’t that dangerous, but some of them can destroy vacation. Southeast Asia has a lot of beautiful places, but be aware of what can happen to you. Usual scams in Southeast […]

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