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Varaždin – a pearl of baroque

In the north of Croatia, somehow hidden, a pearl of baroque has settled down – Varaždin. It belongs to the group of those cities that reveal some different fairytale face when covered with snow. Somewhat idyllic pictures can be seen in the video, which shows the old town centre of Varaždin covered with snow blanket […]

Surfing in Portugal

Surfing in Portugal  Usually when someone tries to surf for the first time, what happens is they fall in love with surfing. This is what has happened to me also. My favorite surf destination is Portugal where I started my surf story by visiting my friends at Kohola Surf Camp, who organize surf travels. Although […]

Budapest through the eyes of Maja and Diano

We visited Budapest by chance, because we had flight from Budapest airport. Didn’t expected much, but it really surprised us! Budapest is beautiful European city with amazing architecture, history and culture. It is located on great Danube river, which, in history divided Buda & Pest side. Other than numerous historical sites, you can also enjoy […]

Ferry from Split to Vis

A car and foot passenger ferry ‘Petar Hektorović’ currently driving Jadrolinija‘s route 602, connecting port Split with  city of Vis on Vis island in Croatia. ‘Petar Hektorovic’ was build in Denmark in 1989. Is just under 92 meters long and 18 meters wide with speed of 15.5 knots. It has a capacity of 1.080passengers and […]

Roma – video by Oliver Astrolog

Roma video by Oliver Astrolog. Excellent video from Rome. Oliver Astrologo is a London / Rome based digital director that specialises in video making, photography and internet technologies serving global fashion, automotive and travel brands for the past 15 years. His videos of Vietnam, Rome, Puglia and Venice, that reached out to over 3m viewers, […]

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