Best islands to live on

Best islands to live on The dream of Surround Me With Water becoming an everyday reality is one we all share. Living on a island. If you are concerned with the cost

Salar de Uyuni

Jeeps across Altiplano – from Uyuni to the Chilean border The huge area covered with a layer of salt several meters thick is not only important transport-wise, but also

Where to travel in 2017.?

Best places to travel in 2017.   Canada It’s the Great White North’s 150th birthday, and Canadians have graciously invited us to celebrate. Start by signing up for the

Game Of Thrones – Ultimate travel guide

Game of thrones – Ultimate travel guide Game of Thrones is lauded for its lush world-building and the visually stunning way production designers. They have brought George R.R. Martin’s rich,

Travel Agents – 10 reasons why to use them

In this holiday season of giving and thanking, we should also remember to say thanks to our caring,professional and smart travel professionals who have been so supportive trough the

Iceland – Geothermal activity

Geothermal activity and natural hot tubs Most of the swimming pools are heated by geothermal energy, natural resource of big importance since ancient times. Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland,

na Santoriniju

The sea – desert scent of Santorini

Scent One of the things I like to do when I land in a new country is to take in the scent. The sea-desert scent of Santorini was immediately

Moscow – 24 Hours

24 Hours in Moscow – 2hrs – Kremlin : historical and spiritual centre of Moscow. The fortified historical distriict is enclosed by high walls that are 2 kn long.

Kazan – Capital of Tatarstan

Kazan, Capital of Tatarstan Tatarstan is one of the 22 republics of the Russian Federation.  2000 year-old Kazan lies 800 km east of Moscow and can be reached via

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