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The Yacht Week Croatia


The Yacht Week Croatia. As legend has it, a couple of drinking buddies decided to go on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean and posted pictures of their trip to their social media accounts.People were so amazed by their pictures that they asked to join their next sailing trip.

The Yacht Week Croatia brain child of William Wenkel and Erik Biörklund, is amazing phenomenon involving yachting.

Other people joined them, posted pictures and a domino effect of sailing and social media posts soon led to a business venture.

The Yacht Week is no simple vacation. It’s actually nothing like any vacation one have ever had — and probably ever will.

The original route for the yacht week was Croatia but the routes have expanded  other destinations around the globe. Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Thailand, The British Virgin Islands can be counted  the yacht week routes. To book whatever destination you fancy, simply go to their website and search for the location you intend to sail. Once your route is selected you can move on to the next stage of the process, selecting the week of the year you want to set sail. Most of the summer weeks of the year seemed to be geared towards European destinations- Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and Italy. Winter events happen on the Caribbean and Asian route.

Yacht week is a great way to create everlasting bonds amongst friends.

Without crew mates, the yacht week is no fun and this has been taken into consideration. It is usually advised that you rent a yacht with an equal number of guys and girls. Part of your crew will include a skipper and a hostess who cooks and cleans up after you.The number of people in a boat should range anywhere between three and twelve people.

After Getting A Crew Together, Next Comes Yacht Selection.

Once you have selected your crew mates the next step is for you to select the yacht you will sail on.There are four yacht options to pick from at the yacht week; Economy, Standard, Premium and Premium plus.

The choice of yacht you select depends on how deep your pockets are. The Yacht week is not cheap.

The things you need to pack for the week include floaties for the raft parties, bathing suits, toiletries, earplugs and a sleep mask if you sleep light. Pack as many summer essentials as necessary to ensure the success of your week.

The route you sail depends on the destination you choose. What you do during the week depends largely on what route you select.

You and your crew mates will need food and lots of alcohol to maximize the week’s potential. The general rule is to buy triple the amount of beers and liquor you think you will need.

One of the major upsides to the yacht week is the number of nationalities that take part in the festivities. All this goes to show is the extent of the global reach of the yacht week. Speaking about nationalities, make sure you represent your country by bringing your country’s flag with you.

The Yacht Week Croatia Festivities

The activities packed into the week are amazing.  If you want a once-in-a-lifetime party experience, then nothing compares to the Croatia route.

Sailing parties are the ultimate way to experience the islands of Croatia. Have fun, party, sail, and explore.


The Yacht Week Croatia, the best way to spend a summer week with friends.

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