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The Best Gifts to Bring Home From Europe

The Best Gifts to Bring Home From Europe

A trip to Europe is to be remembered. What better way to remember it than with the help of a few beautiful gifts that you can find in Europe. Such gifts are the stuff memories are made of, pretty much forever. Let us take a quick look at a few such gifts that you can bring back for your family and friends from your trip to Europe:

  • Olive oil

If you can’t gift your friends original and authentic Italian pizza, pasta, and gelatos, you can do the next best thing. Olive oil. Very high-quality olive oil will easily allow your loved ones to put a taste of the Mediterranean in everything they cook. You can get the original stuff in Italy. But the best place you can get olive oil is in Croatia.

Croatian olive oil producers make up 14% of the best in their industry across all countries – which is higher than in countries such as Italy or Spain. Istria retains its title as a world premium hotspot for good reason, with many different types being produced there.

The top quality of Croatian olive oil has made it known all over the world, with more and more people recognizing it for its high nutritional value. Today many people consume this sacred liquid all over the world with great enjoyment in their hearts because they know how good olives can be when grown right!

  • English Tea

If there is anything that is quintessentially English, it is their world-famous tea. From Earl Gray to Yorkshire, the huge variety of English teas are sure to make just about anyone feel good when you give them such a present. It is not just tea, but also more of cultural exchange and the ultimate surprise gift from merry old England to your home town. Even die-hard coffee drinkers will appreciate a change in taste.

  • Original tiles from Portugal

If you are in Portugal, you are bound to be amazed by the sheer beauty of all those pretty blue tiles that are such an excellent decoration for their elegant homes. Here, it is important to remember that the Portuguese people are renowned the world over, for the rugged durability and grace of their tiles. It would be a great idea to bring back a tile as a wonderful decoration piece for that special someone in your life!

  • Swiss Watches

Swiss watches are quite simply some of the very best timepieces found anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, a Swiss-made watch is one of the most precision-engineered things on the planet. Moreover, these watches are extremely stylish too. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and all of them give you the legendary reliability you would expect from a Swiss watch. As they say, a thing of beauty is always a joy forever. A Swiss watch is just one such object.

  • Belgian chocolate

If there is one thing that Belgium is famous for, it is chocolate. You will be hard put to go to a town or city in Belgium that won’t have a corner store full of the widest variety of chocolates available. Just grab a few of the more popular delicacies from every shop and before you know it, your goodie bags will be filled to bursting point, and your friends, neighbors, and other loved ones will feel very happy indeed.

  • Grab some cheese

Many people don’t know it, but Norwegian cheese is a great gift. You can sample all the different wares and get the one you like the best. Apart from that, you can also buy some pretty nifty cheese slicers too. Get hold of some high-quality Brunost  or “brown cheese.” It will go well with almost everything (including your Norwegian cheese slicer).

  • Design and décor home items

The Swedes take home décor to a fine art. They are considered absolutely unique when it comes to their kitchenware, furniture, lighting, and decorative objects. Everywhere you go, you will see that their towns, villages, and cities reflect a very cool and modern feel that is as fancy as it is stylish. You should consider wandering through their streets and alleys and go through the many home boutiques until you find that ideal gift. And rest assured that you will find one. After all, the options are nearly endless.

  • Conclusion

From Swiss-made watches to the sheer elegance of Portuguese ceramic tiles and from English Tea to Belgian Chocolates. If you want to keep your memories alive, there are so many beautiful and memorable gifts that you can bring home to your family and friends, from Europe. So go ahead and break the piggy bank and really splurge on your next European vacation!

Cover photo author: © Jametlene Reskp from Unsplash

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