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5 Reasons to Celebrate Summer in Ibiza

5 Reasons to Celebrate Summer in Ibiza


Unmatched sunsets, a raucous nightlife, and historical streets with stone ramparts all collide to give you the much-loved Spanish island of Ibiza. A party place, as is well-known, Ibiza in summer is something of an enigma. You have partygoers dancing until the break of dawn and then there are families exploring the ancient streets of the old town. Summer in Ibiza is an unmissable event.

Ibiza is an unforgettable holiday destination that will keep you wanting more. No matter the number of times you go, you will always find something new to discover and explore.

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Here’s why you need to plan a trip to Ibiza in the summer:


Witness the History of Dalt Vila

In the summer months, many tourists flock to the island of Ibiza to explore its nightlife, stunning landscape, and its old town, Dalt Vila. A 2500-year old part of the island has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The walls, ramparts, and architecture have been preserved so you can marvel at its historic nature. Learn more about the island from inscriptions that are written on walls around town. Wherever you may be in Dalt Vila, you will inevitably happen upon the Cathedral of Santa Maria de las Nieves.

Explore the Mediterranean Sea

What better than the refreshing sea water in the heat of summer? You are surrounded by the Mediterranean, which warrants you to indulge in some water sports and adventures. Go deep-sea diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, or simply swimming in the sea to cool off. Some of the best beaches and coves in Ibiza are Babylon Beach, Cala d’Hort, and Cueva de la Luz. The crystal clear turquoise water and the warm sun is the perfect way to spend your summer afternoons in Ibiza. Be prepared with a ton of sunblock and a chilled drink.

Taste Your Way Through the Local Cuisine

Whether you’re taking a stroll in Dalt Vila or by the sea, you will be greeted by a number of restaurants and cafes serving delectable local and international cuisines. Some of the traditional dishes you must try in Ibiza include paella, flao (a pastry filled with goat cheese, almonds, and honey), and tortillas. To add to this culinary adventure, pair your meals with freshly-made sangria infused with organic produce. Enjoy the refreshing flavours as you relax on the sandy shores.

Go Wine Tasting

North of Ibiza is where you can begin your wine tasting tour. The local wine or Vino de la Tierra is produced using local grapes and you can tour the vineyards to learn more. Some of the vineyards you can visit are Can Mayo, Ibizkus Wines, etc. You can even leave with a bottle or two to take back home. Learn how wine is produced and stored, taste test it to truly enjoy the flavours, and at the same time, take in the stunning landscapes from the vineyards.

End the Day on a High Note at a Club

What’s summer in Ibiza without a wild night out? As Ibiza is party central, it is imperative you go out at night, dance, drink, and meet people—if this is your scene. Ibiza has something for everyone. And, for those who like to dance, there is an array of clubs to visit. Some frequented by A-listers include the Cotton Beach Club and Blue Marlin Ibiza. If you want to relax on the beach without a hassle, then you can head to Amante Beach Club for a more laid-back time while watching the stunning sunset.


Ibiza is an unforgettable holiday destination that will keep you wanting more. No matter the number of times you go, you will always find something new to discover and explore. Enjoy the many delights of this Balearic Island and make memories for a lifetime.

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