A taste for skiing the most prestigious culinary initiative in the Alps.

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 A taste for skiing celebrates its 10th edition 

 Ten Michelin-starred chefs will be taking centre stage at the 10th-anniversary event, each representing one of the previous editions. In fact, this edition will be paying tribute to the many chefs who, thanks to their dedication and passion for their work, have made A taste for skiing the most prestigious culinary initiative in the Alps.

 A taste for skiing

It is also thanks to A taste for skiing that Alta Badia has become increasingly well-known over recent years as a destination offering the best in mountain pleasures. In this regard, food and wine events represent a unique chance to discover the areas excellent culinary specialities.

NEW FOR 2018/19: The tenth edition of A taste for skiing will be celebrated at the ALTISSIMO – The Dolomites’ Most Exclusive Brunch, a culinary event to be held 2,000m above sea level on 17th December 2018.

Alta Badia (South Tyrolean Dolomites – Italy) – 10 years have passed since the start of this long adventure, called A taste for skiing. Since 2009, this event has involved numerous Italian and international Michelin-starred chefs, starting with Norbert Niederkofler (St. Hubertus Restaurant at Hotel Rosa Alpina, 3 Michelin stars), the one who created this successful initiative in the first place.


Each chef will be representing a different edition of the event in order to also remember the various themes over the years. The representative of the 2009/10 edition, which was dedicated to Michelin-starred chefs from South Tyrol, could be no other than Norbert Niederkofler himself, the first chef from South Tyrol who was able to sew three Michelin stars onto his uniform. The 2010/11 edition, dedicated to European Michelin-starred chefs, will be represented by the Slovenian chef, Tomaž Kavčič (Pri Lojzetu Restaurant), followed by Giancarlo Morelli (Pomiroeu Restaurant, 1 Michelin star), who’ll be representing the 2011/12 edition when all the chefs had to create a recipe using suckling pig.

 A taste for skiing

“Slope Food – aperitifs on the slopes” was the theme for the 2012/13 and 2013/14 editions of A taste for skiing, which will be represented by the chefs Diego Rossi (Trattoria Trippa – Milan) and Christina Bowerman (Glass Hostaria Restaurant, 1 Michelin star), the only female Michelin-starred chef to appear at the tenth anniversary edition. We’ll be remembering the 2014/15 edition together with Nicola Laera (La Stüa de Michil Restaurant at Hotel La Perla, 1 Michelin star), the motto of which was a culinary journey around the specialities of Italy’s regions. Gennaro Esposito (Torre del Saracino Restaurant, 2 Michelin stars) will be remembering “South sweet south”, the 2015/16 edition whose aim was to combine South Tyrol with southern Italy, creating a new culinary experience. “Top of the mountains”, the motto of the 2016/17 edition, will be remembered by Martin Dalsass (Talvo by Dalsass Restaurant, St. Moritz), whereas the theme “Flavours from our childhood” from the 2017/18 edition will be represented by Giorgio Locatelli, an Italian chef who has been working in London for many years (Locanda Locatelli Restaurant). The line-up of chefs ends with Matteo Metullio (La Siriola Restaurant at Hotel Ciasa Salares, 2 Michelin stars), who’ll be representing the tenth edition.

 A taste for skiing

The concept remains the same: each of the 10 gourmet chefs will be assigned to a mountain hut on the slopes of Alta Badia, creating a recipe that will be offered to skiers throughout the winter season.  Each chef will represent a different edition of the event and will create a recipe according to the motto #skitheitalianway. In fact, the chefs’ recipes will represent the authentic nature of Italian cuisine and Italian ingredients, using incredibly high-quality products. Each dish will be paired with a wine from South Tyrol, carefully selected by an expert sommelier from the same area, creating incredibly special and original combinations.

 A taste for skiing


In recent years, Alta Badia has become a top tourist destination for food and wine. This is also thanks to A taste for skiing – the most delicious initiative of the whole winter season, held every year from December on the slopes of this resort located in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thanks to these high-altitude culinary initiatives, Alta Badia can celebrate Italy’s wonderful food and wine, giving greater emphasis to the motto #skitheitalianway. Winter holidays mean so much more than simply skiing down the slopes. Alta Badia enhances the winning combination of snow sports and excellent cuisine – the main strengths of this area. The idea is to bring incredibly high-quality food and wines to skiers and all food-lovers out there, further enhancing the food and drink on offer at the resort’s mountain lodges.

 A taste for skiing


The most exclusive lifestyle event in the Dolomites is to take place in Alta Badia on Monday 17th December 2018. The three star chefs from Alta Badia, headed by Norbert Niederkofler (St. Hubertus Restaurant c/o Hotel Rosa Alpina, 3 Michelin stars), one of Italy’s nine three-star chefs, will present a brand new event, which is set to be the prime feature of the tenth edition of A taste for skiing. Together with Matteo Metullio (La Siriola Restaurant at Hotel Ciasa Salares, 2 Michelin stars) and Nicola Laera (La Stüa de Michil Restaurant at Hotel La Perla, 1 Michelin star), Norbert Niederkofler will be showing off the gastronomic excellence of Alta Badia, thanks to an exclusive, top-quality event, reserved for a carefully-selected niche audience, set to be held at the Club Moritzino refuge. The event is taking place right at the departure of the Gran Risa slope, in honour of the Alpine Ski World Cup championship. Indeed, the Parallel Giant Slalom takes place at night on the last portion of the Gran Risa slope on 17th December.

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