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Armerun: the hotel that won me over at first sight

Armerun: the hotel that won me over at first sight


The hotel thrilled me in many ways

It rarely happens that a hotel in Croatia delights me. This time the Armerun Hotel in Šibenik succeeded.


It can’t get any better than this. This beautiful hotel is located in a peaceful part of the seaside, away from caffe bars. The view of the sea from the rooms is most beautiful at twilight, when the sunset can be seen even from the bed. Very romantic. Those rooms that have a view of the garden also have advantages. The peace and beautifully landscaped surroundings look very tempting.

The hotel has parking. Part on the sea side in front of the building, and part in the garage which is very good, especially in summer.



Very nice and carefully furnished with lots of interesting details. The beds are large and spacious. Mattresses, in the style of Hilton Beds, are high and comfortable as well as the pillows which is very important. There are a lot of power sockets which is very important today considering all the electrical gadgets we carry with us. The bathroom and shower are enriched with a Rituals program. In the back behind the main hotel are luxury apartments for two to six people. Some have a jacuzzi and sea views. The largest has a roof terrace overlooking the Šibenik Cathedral. Elevators are available in the main building as well as in the apartment building. There is also a villa on offer. 


Breakfast is magnificent: various types of bagels, good coffee, as in a cafe bar and squeezed juices. This is the part where even the best hotels fall. Bad coffee from the coffee machine and sweet juices can be found everywhere. The a la carte menu is especially good. The choice of different types of eggs is very imaginative. I would especially single out Occhio si Bue (salsa with capers and egg) and Benedict eggs, and for gourmets, fresh oysters with lime. It reminds me of the perfect breakfast at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb. It should be noted that breakfast is also open to guests outside the hotel, if available.

Dinner is in the same area of the restaurant Buta, which serves selected dishes and seafood specialties of this area.

Out of the bathing season Hotel Armerun is a great choice all year round, due to accommodation and parking as well as the proximity of sights and the old town of Šibenik. The UNESCO-protected cathedral is just a few minutes ’walk away. In summer it is about ten minutes to the beach or you can use a hotel speedboat that can transport guests to the beautiful islands of the Šibenik archipelago.

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