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Have you ever questioned your ability to go to the mysterious continent of Africa?

Visit Zimbabwe if you ever have the chance; it is a beautiful nation. Zimbabwe is a country in South Africa with many towering and beautiful natural surroundings. Travelling to Zimbabwe will captivate you with its stunning natural scenery, making it a haven for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors. Are you getting ready for a visit to Zimbabwe that involves taking a flight? If so, look for a skilled travel agent in the UK that can help and offer cheap flights to Zimbabwe because it’s how you arrive at your destination.

Let’s talk about interesting facts and beautiful places in Zimbabwe that you should take advantage of.

Mana Pools National Park 

Sunset above Zambezi river
© Sean Peter from Unsplash – Zambezi River

Enjoy exceptional animal viewing and boat tours down the majestic Zambezi River as you bask in the splendour of Mana Pools National Park. The Zambezi River dominates the landscape, which is made up of floodplains and grasslands, with the highlands of the Rift Valley rising in the background. 

Mana, which in Shona means “four”, the park’s name, was inspired by the fact that there are four main swimming pools nearby. While paddling down the Zambezi on the Mana Canoe Trail, you may come across lions, wild dogs, and one of Africa’s most significant populations of hippopotamuses.

Victoria Falls National Park

Victoria Falls
© Sammy Wong from Unsplash

A lush rainforest surrounds the Zimbabwean side of the thundering falls, after which Victoria Falls National Park was named. The park, which boasts more than a dozen overlooks, offers the best views of the falls, enabling tourists to behold the 5,604-foot (1,708-meter) wide wall of water, known as the giant sheet of falling water in the world.


Mutare is situated amid the steep-sided valleys of Manicaland and serves as the entry point to the Nyanga National Park and Zimbabwe’s most distant eastern areas. The town is surrounded by the Bvumba Mountains, which act as a natural partition between it and the surrounding desert region of southern Africa. 

The region has developed a lovely mix of affordable hotels and hostels today, earning it a reputation as an excellent rest stop on the route to hike the hills or search for the fascinating Samango monkey above the wild Eastern Highlands.

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins 

Zimbabwe stands out from the others since it was home to numerous ancient and extinct civilisations. Travelling the country now has a new sense of authenticity because of this artefact from the past. It was built in the ruins’ distinctive dry stone design. 

Great Zimbabwe ruins at Masvingo. Also, UNESCO World Heritage Sites are the most well-known of them. Its walls, some of which are taller than five metres, are one of its most distinctive features. It was the royal palace where the governing kings of the time would stay, and it is estimated that 18,000 people once called it home.

The Matobo Hills

Matobo Hills
© Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

People have been drawn to the Matobo Hills for thousands of years. A place where history and nature buffs can both enjoy themselves. Discover one of Southern Africa’s highest concentrations of 13,000-year-old rock art and granite formations, which are 2,000 million years old. With the aid of an early piece of art, travel back in time and discover an ancient way of life.


The town of Kadoma, in the country’s geographic centre, was originally a dilapidated gold rush village where miners and prospectors lived. At the same time, they travelled to the central provinces to sift through the dirt. Following the finding of gold, the region quickly prospered and, throughout time, saw the emergence of hotels, banks, and businesses. 

Today, Kadoma is a thriving city with a long history, a few colonial-style church towers, and a population of just about 80,000. See the cotton fields swaying in the African breezes and learn about Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth.

Batoka Gorge 

The Batoka Gorge, near the magnificent Victoria Falls, runs through 75 miles (120 km) of high cliffs and a few mopane trees between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Although walking through the 400-foot-high valley is expected, the thrilling one-day whitewater rafting excursions pull tourists to Batoka Gorge. 

Thrill seekers are forced to face their anxieties by rapids with names like “The Ugly Sister” and “Oblivion,” Those who make it through come out of the water with heroic tales to tell. Apart from that, guests can stroll through the charming parks and among the well-known jacaranda trees that line the streets.


© Tatenda Mapigoti from Unsplash

With a population of about three million, the metropolis of Harare doubles as the country’s largest city in addition to its capital. Sitting atop plateaus in Zimbabwe’s central highlands, it looks the part. Infinite steel-clad buildings rise from the CBD, the hub of the country’s economy, and First Street and the city are always teeming with people and cars. Along with the numerous pre-colonial buildings, history can also be seen in the National Gallery, the National Archives, and the Queen Victoria Museum. You can visit these places with the UK’s best travel agency, which offers cheap flights to Harare.

Zimbabweans are known for being proud, hospitable, and friendly. So, let us plan your journey to see countless beautiful places in Zimbabwe. 

Cover photo author: © Tanner Marquis from Unsplash

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