Best Places To Propose Marriage

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Best Places To Propose Marriage


Proposing marriage to the love of your life is the perfect reason to go way over-the-top. I mean, this is a life-changing, hopefully, once-in-a-lifetime experience. You have to plan sufficiently and come up with intimate, unique, and romantic ways to pop the question. You have to pick a special location to propose. You have to make the moment memorable and special for the both of you.

best places to propose marriage

This article will help you settle on a proposal location and pop the question in style. Before we do that, it is important that you first get the perfect ring for this perfect moment. You can buy a generic ring or if you have the budget for it, you can choose a personalized ring that is engraved with your partner’s name. There are tons of personalized rings for her (and for him, too) that are made from sterling silver, aluminum, gold, tungsten, titanium, and stainless steel, among other materials. Be sure to choose the right one.

Now that you have a ring, here are 10 of the best places to propose marriage:

  1. Hamilton Island, Australia

This island borders the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. It is defined by turquoise blue water and breathtakingly beautiful greenery, both of which give visitors luxurious and gorgeous views. Its sparsely populated white sand beaches give lovers an absolute sense of privacy. There are also tons of world-class resorts for a romantic getaway, private pools, and private yachts that you can incorporate into your proposal plan. Hamilton Island is hands down the most romantic place to go down on one knee!

  1. Santorini, Greece

Greece is the unofficial hub of love, romance, and celebration, and the crystal-clear, sparkling sea in the backdrop of the white-washed island of Santorini is right at the center of the romance. The small city is filled with picture-perfect spots for the perfect couples’ shot. She will love showing off the pictures on Instagram.

santorini marriage

  1. Florida, USA

Florida boasts a lot of beautiful places where you can propose to your loved one. Whether you decide to do it at Walt Disney or Everglades, Florida is one of the most romantic places to pop the question. Also, its beautiful beaches that stretch from Miami to Pensacola are a perfect destination to commit yourself to the most loved one. Also, known for many proposals, there are hotels and vacation rentals that can arrange the details in your room with flowers and roses, in case you want to make a surprise after you have asked the question.

fireworks in florida

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA

NYC’s beautifully lit skyline makes the city perfect for a serene, magical moment. If you want to go big, the Brooklyn Bridge will be a perfect choice. Do it in the evening and you sure will have a crowd clapping for you when she says “YES”. You can also opt to take her to the top of the Empire State Building after dark. The city gets so lively and beautiful at night.

  1. Venice, Italy

All Italian cities have a cultivating, rich story behind their growth, and Venice is ahead of them all. Its gothic palaces have made many to fall in love; it sure will make you both fall in love with one another all over again. Make your proposal dramatic and fun by riding a gondola to the Bridge of Sighs through the city’s legendary canals and then confessing your love under the bridge.

best places to propose marriage

Thoughtful, Memorable, and Affordable Places to Propose Marriage

 If you don’t have the budget to take your lover to Greece or Italy, don’t worry. You can still make your proposal magical by taking him/her to:

Where you first met or said the “L” word

This is by far the most romantic place in your life; it is where your forever love story started. It might not be special or romantic to everyone else in the world, which makes it even more special for the both of you. It is the power couple against the world.

love couple

Her/his dream wedding venue

She probably has been sharing with you about her dream wedding. If you already know of her dream venue, wedding cake, and flowers, you can bet that she’s eagerly waiting for your proposal. Take her to that venue and propose… she won’t hesitate to say yes.

Your favorite date spot

place for dating

This will be romantic and a true surprise. I mean, you always go to the movies together, party at a local pub, or whichever location you go for a special bonding moment. She won’t suspect a thing until you go down on one knee.

At their workplace

If co-workers and bosses are cool, ask them to help you ask her that all-important question. Try to align it with their everyday work tasks.

Their heartfelt childhood spot

children playing

Everyone has a favorite childhood spot where they go to when they feel nostalgic, or when they wish to escape the stresses of adult life. If he/she has mentioned about the place where his/her fondest memories are, take him/her there and add him/her engagement to the collection of her fondest memories.


Your engagement is exactly where your fairytale begins, or at least where it takes a new, more certain trajectory. Purpose to make it sweet and merry, but be original and creative while at it; you should refrain from plagiarizing other people’s ideas.

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