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First time in Rome ?

First time Rome? It is easy to see a lot, no matter how limited your time is. It’s good to plan ahead, but ambling aimlessly is also a joy: at times it can seem like there’s an ancient wonder around every corner. Rome has a lot of history hidden in all corners of the city. […]

Dalmatian Zagora – Equestrian tourism

Former rocky and rugged region with recognizable highlander style is becoming known as one of extremely attractive tourist parts of central Dalmatia. Of course, it is Dalmatian Zagora. Apart from developing theme roads, cyclotourism, eco-ethno villages, recently in places of Dalmatian Zagora, equestrian tourism has been developing.  Namely, Sinj town and Cetina region have bred […]

Gaudi in Barcelona

Tourists visit Barcelona for a variety of reasons. Some come to see the matches of one of the most famous clubs in the world, some come to swim or to board a cruise ship, some come for great shopping, and many more to sightsee the city. What makes Barcelona the most beautiful city in the […]

Lavender fields in bloom in Provence

When and where should you go to see lavender fields in bloom in Provence? Lavender is in bloom from June until the end of July. When does it get picked? Well, it depends on weather conditions and season. However, by the end of July most fields cease being purple. Where can the majority of lavender […]

Best music festivals in Europe 2018.

From divine beaches and dazzling blue waters, to gloriously diverse scenic backdrops, it’s no wonder that the music festival scene has been expanding every year, with many music fans flocking to Europe for its superb mix of music and holiday memories. Here are Best music festivals in Europe 2018. Primervera Sound Primervera is the destination […]

8 Highlights of Lisbon

Portugal include everything from cathedrals to castles to colorful streamers running above your head as you walk down narrow, cobble stoned streets. Highlights of Lisbon: The city’s airport is only about 5 miles away. You can take the bus, train, taxi, or metro into the city center. Lisbon is a very walkable city. Lisbon is probably best […]

5 Best Mediterranean beaches

No better place to visit for your summer vacation than Mediterranean region. Many resorts to choose from, well known good food, sun and the most beautiful beaches. We choose some of the most beautiful Mediterranean. 5 Best Mediterranean beaches. St.Peter’s Pool, Malta St. Peter’s Pool is highly popular with the locals living in the nearby […]

Amsterdam is never short of attractions – other than Drugs, Sex and Parties

Amsterdam is never short of attractions or things to do other than Drugs, Sex and Parties. The Dutch capital is often seen as the city of drugs, sex and parties. With its gorgeous canals, rich architectural heritage, intense arts, and museums, Amsterdam has so much more to offer. Whether you’re in Amsterdam for the first-time […]

Ink spilt in the night in Budva

Budva.  One entity, so full of meanings. Meanings that are mine only, colourful smudges splattered across my memories. One city, so full of stories interweaving to create the new ones, which are yet to happen. Because nothing stops in Budva. Though I tried to go back in order to wrap things up and bring them […]

How many centuries does Kotor count?

How many centuries does Kotor’s age even count? I kept asking myself this question whenever I heard that annoying song by Galija, wondering why Kotor’s age was more important than the age of all other cities. I had never been to Kotor, so I didn’t have any personal impressions of it except for the foggy […]

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