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Dubai Travel Guide: Best Season to Visit Dubai

You’ve got out a plan to visit Dubai and have decided what to see and what to do. But do you know when is the best season to visit Dubai so you can really enjoy your time here? I try to cover some of the most asked questions on every tourist’s mind about the best time to visit Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates is known for being one of the hottest countries during the summer. It’s no surprise as it is a desert, but I encourage you to come here and see how beautiful the streets are, they are lined with flowers and trees. All a part of the government to make the country a better place to live.

Best Season to Visit Dubai

When is the best season to visit Dubai?

Dubai weather is very predictable even if you’ve lived here for a year or two. November to February is “winter”. Not much of winter if you’d compare to other countries with temperatures going down 14 degrees Celcius at the most. The summers are from May to August. This the hottest season with July and August being almost unbearable if you even have to spend a couple of hours outside.

The months between March and April, September and October are what I’d like to call as Spring months. The weather is pleasant enough to head outdoors and this is the time when you’ll find the locals opting for alfresco seating areas.

The best time to travel to Dubai would be during the winters between November to February. If you would like to visit during the coldest months, book your tickets for December or January. However, bear in mind that this is one of the most crowded times as this is also when tourists flock to the country.

Best Season to Visit Dubai

Best time to visit Dubai for shopping:

Although Dubai is often touted as the most expensive city, shopping need not really be an expensive affair if you shop in the right places and do so wisely. Below are some of the places to shop for traditional items and souvenirs.

  • Global Village: Coinciding with Dubai Shopping Festival, Global Village is a large fair that is outdoors. Every country has a pavilion with thousands of stalls located inside, each displaying the country’s special items. Though prices are sometimes hiked for tourists, you can sometimes bargain or ask around for prices in nearby stalls selling the same item before purchasing.
  • Meena Bazaar: Since Dubai houses a majority of Indian and Pakistani nationalities, high-quality clothes are exported from these countries to bazaars like Meena Bazaar. Visiting the bazaar will make you feel like you’re in a small part of India itself. The best way to make a purchase is to haggle to the max! Don’t hesitate or feel shy as most of the sellers quote at least 50% above the cost price.
Best Season to Visit Dubai

I’ve purchased many outfits for only AED 250 when the original price quoted was AED 500! Keep in mind that tourists are targeted in these areas to make extra money easily.

  • Naif market: If you are looking for cheap souvenirs or traditional outfits like abaya or jalabiya, look no further and head to Naif Market in Deira. This is again a bazaar setting like the previous one and you do need to haggle a lot.

Don’t visit during the weekends and avoid evenings as that’s when these souqs is most crowded. Afternoons are usually empty but some shops may be closed for lunch.

  • Malls: If you like to shop indoors, Dubai has a range of malls that run discounts. City Centres are located in almost every part of the city, sometimes having 12-hour offers that are 75-90% off on products. A smart way to shop during this time is to always keep a check on these malls or subscribe to their website to receive offers through SMS or email.

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Sarah Savrath is a popular bogger from Dubai, Emirates where she lives.

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