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Enjoy Summer: 5 Cheap Beach Vacations Around The World 

The beach season is here! The summer season is incomplete without a beach trip. It is that time of the year when you can wear your favorite beach dress and enjoy sun basking, enjoying water sports, and having a feast just around the seashore. Almost every one of us has a dream to visit the beautiful beaches around the world. But due to the apparent fear of the trip being too expensive, most of you would have dropped it. So to make all your beach plans a reality, we are here with the 5 cheap yet mesmerizing beaches around the world. Let’s dive in!

1. Gulf Shores, Alabama

© Yansi Keim from Unsplash

Yes planning a USA beach trip like the Gulf Shores is possible on a budget too. These white sand beaches are not a destination to be missed. The budget-friendly way is to book a stay away from the beach. As the fairs near the beach may be high due to tourism activities, it is better to book a stay away from the beach. Similarly, you can look for low airfares and avoid the peak travel times of the year. Keeping these things in mind you can easily manage a trip to Alabama on a budget. 

2. Santa Barbara, California 

© OC Gonzalez from Unsplash

Santa Barbara beach is the best tourist location for budget travelers all year round. Apart from its nature’s blessings the Central Coast of California also provides several outdoor activities great for a bunch of friends traveling together. You can enjoy some great beachy activities like surfing, biking along the coast, and kayaking. Also, you have several other opportunities to learn about the history of Santa Barbara by visiting its historic park and also the open-air museum, both showcasing the events that occurred in the glorious past of California. You can flaunt your favorite summer dresses in the backdrop of this beautiful beach. You can also get your hands on some new summer dresses from there as well.

3. Ao Nang, Thailand 

© Mizan from Unsplash

Number 3 on our list is the charming yet extremely budget-friendly Ao Nang a small beach in southern Thailand. A major plus point is that the Krabi province where this beach is located is not so crowded with tourists. And will allow you to have some private time at this stunning beach with your loved ones. There is also the famous zip-line that will take you on a tour around the limestone islands of Ao Nang. 

4. Šibenik, Croatia 

© Sergii Gulenok from Unsplash

If you are looking for a cheap beach destination in Europe then Sibenik, Croatia is a must-visit. You can tour the mesmerizing beaches of Sibenik without worrying about the budget. You can have a great time on these beautiful beaches of Croatia and also benefit from the opportunity can travel around the historic city. You can have a good swim in the sea and later visit the city for some window shopping on the ferry available during the entire day. Do not forget to try some famous Croatian desserts.

5. Apulia, Italy 

© Giancarlo Composto from Pixabay

How can we miss Italy on our list of gorgeous yet cheap beach destinations around the world? The hidden gem of Italy, Apulia is not so crowded with tourists making it most favorable for the ones looking for some privacy. You will love the limestone cliffs of Apulia. The serenity and beauty of Italy are something to cherish. You can also visit some nearby beaches of Puglia, Monopoli, and Polignano. These beaches have some protected and unspoiled marine areas showcasing the real beauty of nature. And how can a trip to Italy come to an end without trying the Italian pizza and pasta? With this combination of cinematic experience and delicious food, Italy makes us do our best beach destinations around the world. 

Summers bring the joy of beach trips, beautiful summer dresses, and some yummy food. You can easily manage to travel to the splendid beaches around the world on a budget. This list includes cheap beach destinations from almost every continent of the world making it easy for you to choose. Travel to your favorite beach destination without worrying about your budget.

So what are you waiting for, go plan your next Beach Trip Now! 

Cover photo author: © Sean Oulashin from Unsplash

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