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Essential Travel Tips for Event Planners On The Road

Local event planning is difficult enough as it is. Take those logistics on the road and event planners will have their hands full. Running from a convention to a corporate meeting while planning a gala dinner is a skill that requires a lot of energy and organization. The life of an event planner requires advanced planning in order to avoid stress, be ready at all times, and manage to stay healthy. You should always be prepared and have a survival kit on hand to help you overcome any obstacle. So keep reading for a checklist of event planner travel essentials.

The Healthy Methods

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The most important aspect of business travel is staying in shape. Event planning requires a lot of energy and you want to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body. You should definitely pack some protein bars and vitamins in your luggage in case of any potential slow-down. Of course, remember to eat well-balanced meals in reasonable amounts and to drink as much water as possible.

Stay Organized

This is the most crucial tip of all. If you lose contact with other members of your event team or misplace travel bookings, train tickets, or hotel reservations, it can be disastrous. Any of these can cause a domino effect and derail the entire event. Getting everyone on your team to use the same mobile phones can be a simple solution. You could also keep all important documents in one location. Furthermore, if you are traveling a long distance, ensure that team members check in at the designated time, and so on. As a result, a few preliminary preparations will ensure a successful event in the end.

Keep An Extra Set Of Digital Accessories

An event planner’s professional life requires the use of some essential technological tools in order to complete a variety of tasks. You want to be able to access your email, social media, and newsfeed at any time and from any location. A good Internet connection, provided by a 4G portable hotspot, is required, as are power strips and extension cords. Additional batteries will ensure that you are always reachable.

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You should also have some organizational tools. Google Assistant, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other apps for CRM, management, budgeting, and even to-do lists should be part of your journey. Slack, Whatsapp, and other communication apps will assist you in keeping in touch with your team and family.

Event Tools That Come In Handy

To be prepared for any meeting, bring some essential items such as glasses, cutlery, and plates for the event you’re planning. Because of their weight and delicate nature, traveling with porcelain or glass dinnerware can be exhausting. Instead, bring disposable dinnerware sets as an easier way to travel and avoid breaking things, also they make the cleaning process easy once you don’t need them anymore. USB sticks, a laser, a flashlight, a digital pen, a dictation device, a portable projector, and a scanner may be useful tools for your on-site work. Bring business cards to hand out and badges to wear to any event. Aside from the events, don’t forget to bring city maps and consider transportation and parking passes.

Use High-Quality Suitcases

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It is a well-known fact that your suitcase will suffer damage while traveling by plane or train. Those who frequently travel to events will benefit from investing in a high-quality suitcase in the long run. Most importantly, it will appear professional to clients and will last much longer.

Emergency Gear

You should be ready for the unexpected. Pack a small emergency kit with items you will require while traveling to an event. This survival kit should always be packed and ready for use. Always keep it up to date so you can leave and travel without worry. You can include patching tools such as a screwdriver, office supplies such as scissors, pens, tape, a notebook, and, last but not least, personal hygiene and medical supplies.

A demanding job

The takeaway is that the life of an event planner requires advance planning in order to avoid stress and to be prepared at all times. So, use this checklist to ensure that you are always prepared and have a survival kit on hand to help you overcome any obstacle. 

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