Five reasons to visit Provence

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Five reasons to visit Provence in Spring

  • The markets – Spring in Provence is a special time of the year. The local markets are full of home-grown vegetables. Asparagus, artichokes, green beans… all in attractive colors and shapes. Around Easter, all of the stores are specially decorated with handicrafts and Easter colors and symbols. Downtown Aix is appealing any time of the year, and particularly so in the spring.
  • The Sun –Close to Côte d’Azur, but still far. The climate of eternal spring brings neither heat, nor great cold. Springtime is very pleasant, frequently without wind, and in the shadowed alleys of Aix it is very refreshing to sit on the terrace and watch people go by. The peculiar artistic and hedonistic charm of Aix should be experienced and savored.
  • Joie de Vivre – After the bleak winter in grey towns, the sun in Provence dispenses smiles. Faces come out from under hoods and scarves, and suddenly the world seems more beautiful and content. Aix is like a fairytale. In the spring, its residents also seem to be. The culture of cafes comes back with full force and expectations of new love and romantic strolls.
  • Strolls – Aix is not far from the sea. This time of year, the tourists are not so numerous as to get in the way. Lovely towns along the coast like Sanary sur Mer, Bandol, Saint Cyr, Cassis and others, beckon you to take a stroll. The towns are lovelier than in the summer because, if nothing else, you can see them without tourists. Provence in spring is for those in the know.
  • Excursions – Marseille is a big city. A Mediterranean metropolis, well connected by airlines to our region. Many LCCs offer seasonal flights to Marseille. Arles is not far, and is a true gem in every sense. In Arles one could spend days, just as in Aix and in this part of Provence. Wine, food, charming locales and awakened nature are a guarantee of time well spent here.

More on Arles and other attractions of Provence on another occasion.

Five reasons to visit Provence is enough to convince you.

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