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Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad in Switzerland is one of the most fashionable ski resorts in the world

Many consider that Gstaad is Saint-Tropez of the Alps. It is located in the Bernese Oberland region and is the center of that region, which, as everywhere in the Alps, consists of several towns nestled in valleys surrounded by impressive mountains.

In addition to Gstaad, the region is also known for the towns of Saanen, Saanenmöser, Schoënried, St. Stephan, Zweisimmen, Rougemont, Lauenen, Chalberhöni, and Gsteig.

L’Etivaz cheese

The name of the town of Gstaad infers that the region partly lies in the border area between the German and Roman parts of Switzerland. Due to its geographical position, but also different cultures, the gastronomic offer is abundant in real culinary delicacies. The smell of L’Etivaz cheese can accompany you throughout the place, and on one of your not demanding walks, you can knock on any of the dryers and regain strength with this fine cheese. But you’re certainly not here just for the cheese, nor for the groundhog wrapping the chocolate, but for Gstaad itself. This place has a noble origin, and today it is visited by the European aristocracy and American show business stars. The nightlife is very pretentious and expensive and mostly takes place in exclusive bars and discotheques.


As the original style of architecture must be preserved in Gstaad by law, this town has been spared from multi-storey concrete dormitories and mass tourism. There are as many as six 5-star hotels in the town, the most elegant of which is the famous Palace. You can find more affordable, but still expensive accommodation in lower category hotels, apartments, bed and breakfast accommodation, and youth hostels. Cheaper accommodation can be found in the nearby Château-d’Oex, St. Stephan, or Rougemont, from where you can reach any place in the valley by skis or bus.

Six main Ski resorts


Although skiing is only a secondary pastime for most visitors, the trails are among the best in Switzerland. There are six main ski resorts, i.e. ski sectors. Each of them, given the area of ​​validity of the ski pass, has an equal number of kilometers. Starting points for the best terrains are in Schoënried, Saanenmöser, Zweisimmen, and St. Stephan. In the vicinity of the town of Gstaad, the ski resorts are on the peaks of Eggli, Wasserngrat, and Wispile, and are suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. Skiing on the longest trail (7.5 kilometers) starts in La Videmanette, i.e. at an altitude of 1,160 meters. Slightly bumpy trails are on Wasserngrat, which the hosts named Snow Paradise in 2000.  The most demanding trails are above Rougemont and Saanenmöser, and if you go through the trail that leads from the glacier Les Diablerets to Reusch (above Gstaad), you will be spoken of with true admiration. In addition to helicopter transport, skiers are transported by buses and trains as car traffic is prohibited.


Photo by Natasha Norton on Unsplash

The offer of cross-country ski trails is excellent. Interestingly, several tracks have been prepared so that in addition to the running track, they also have a dog track so that the dogs can follow their owners while practicing this sport. The paths along the Saana riverbed are especially beautiful. Other activities include ballooning (especially in Château-d’Oex), helicopter sightseeing, horseback riding, geocaching, curling, cycling, and toboggan sliding. There are countless opportunities to relax tense muscles throughout the region. The largest offer of indoor sports facilities is in Gstaad, from which tennis, bowling, swimming pool, badminton, and squash stand out as most prominent.

Tip +

This winter you can organize your skiing in Gstaad completely flexibly. Reservations for accommodation in most hotels, train tickets, and ski school lessons are refundable. In the event of a “lockdown”, your money will be fully refunded. Visit their website to find out more about this offer.

News and novelties in the season 2020/2021

The new restaurant on Eggla opens its doors in December 2020, and according to its construction, which took two years to build, it can be said that this place will be the main après ski gathering in Gstaad, Switzerland.

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