Hidden islands to discover in the Mediterranean

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We often hear about the same islands when it comes to Mediterranean fun in the sun. If you’re looking for a new adventure that takes you off the beaten path, it can be hard to find the hidden gems amongst the most popular destinations. And with Brits taking over 45 million holidays a year, there are certainly plenty to choose from.

Hundreds of paradise islands lie just a short cruise from the mainland. With a little bit of research and the willingness to explore, you could quickly find yourself on the holiday of a lifetime – and just a stone’s throw from some of the biggest tourist hotspots. 

In this article, we’ve shared four of our favourite top-secret islands to discover in and around the Mediterranean Sea.

Our top 4 (not so) secret islands in Europe 

Palmaria, Italy

palmaria Italija

Situated in the Ligurian Sea in the corner of the Gulf of La Spezia, this former military base is now barely inhabited. With typical Mediterranean sunshine, lush greenery and a myriad of caves underneath towering cliffs, Palmaria is certainly worth a visit.

You’ll find plenty of walking trails on the island, along with a pleasantly mild sea temperature throughout the summer months – making it perfect for swimming. The colourful buildings on the shores of Palmaria emanate its friendly and characterful charm.

With low fares on the ferry from Porto Venere pier, this part of the Italian coastline is steeped in fascinating history and promises rugged streets with Gothic-style architecture. 

Biševo, Croatia

croatia hrvatska

With just 15 permanent residents, this tiny oasis would be hardly known if it wasn’t for its famous and awe-inspiring caves. Luckily, island hopping is easy in and around Croatia, and you’ll find plenty of tours starting in the town of Komiža on the neighbouring island. 

The country is famous for its boutique hotels and historic towns, with multiple star-studded destinations to choose from. 

Croatia has 78 natural islands and 524 islets, so there’s plenty of opportunities to find hidden gems. If you’re seeking unrivalled luxury and convenience, a yacht charter allows you to see the very best hidden coves, caves, and beaches in Croatia on your own schedule. 

Elba, Italy

Elba, Italija

The remarkable coastline of Italy promises an incredible adventure for tourists of all ages. Crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views await you, alongside quaint towns serving fresh seasonal delights throughout the high season. 

Despite its remote feel, Elba is accessible by car – so reaching the most delightful sights is simple. If you’d rather hit the beach, you could indulge in some gentle sunset paddleboarding or sailing. Towards the island’s west coast, a mountainous coastline provides ample opportunity for exploring on foot.

Formentera, Spain

spain španjolska

Whether you’re cruising around Ibiza or looking to escape the crowds, the beautiful island of Formentera is certainly worth a trip. Known for its calm, intimate atmosphere and sandy beaches with turquoise waters, this island provides the perfect getaway after spending some time on the neighbouring party island.

Despite its quiet nature, Formentera is bustling with bougee bars, restaurants, and viewpoints. This picturesque makes the perfect destination for a romantic getaway!


You don’t need to visit the biggest destinations to have a remarkable holiday. Trust your instinct and visit a hidden gem for an incredible adventure – and don’t forget the sun cream!

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