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Art Boutique Hotel Monopol, St.Moritz

Art Boutique Hotel Monopol

When a hotel is also an Art Boutique, you can expect truly something special from your stay. Namely, Hotel Monopol is also registered as a museum. This means that it is abundantly decorated with original works by famous painters. It’s a real gallery.

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There are many excellent pieces of art in the public areas around the reception and the restaurant. Each floor of the hotel is dedicated to a single painter. We were accommodated on the fifth floor, which is known as a Pablo Picasso floor. The artwork hanging on the walls is not there by accident. We asked quite casually since we were staying there and it seemed like a good opportunity, how much a painting we liked that was hanging there cost. The answer was: “Thirty to thirty-five thousand Swiss francs.” We took a picture of ourselves in front of it and decided sightseeing was a more affordable option. Apart from paintings, several sculptures are being exhibited in the Monopol hotel. If the weather is not appropriate for skiing, examining exhibited artwork in the hotel is something great to occupy oneself with.

When writing hotel reviews, one rarely begins the text by talking about works of art. However, this hotel is special and quite different from other hotels we are accustomed to. Hotel Monopol is located in the city centre. This is a great location for everyone, not just skiers. The train to Corviglia is about 150 meters away, which is really not that far. Everything else in the city is even closer. Almost a few steps from the centre itself, one can explore beautiful boutiques offering different international brands, jewelry, and watch stores that are found on every corner, but also day-to-day grocery shops, such as Coop, and a pharmacy. Hanselmann’s is a famous patisserie found just around the corner.


As the hotel is located in the pedestrian zone, one should ring the bell to announce one’s arrival at the beginning of the street if coming by car. The hotel will take care of everything else. Unloading luggage, parking the car in the garage, and checking into the room is quick and easy. You see cars only if you order them for an excursion because there is no need for them in St. Moritz. The ski pass is valid for buses and trains as well.

Our room, number 515, was very comfortable and spacious. That floor has been renovated, which is very evident on the first look. The furniture is new and modern. The bed is high and comfortable as are those in its class in every famous international hotel.

Hotel Monopol offers a good food

The breakfast was great. Different juices, sliced fresh ​​fruit, eggs prepared in various ways, local cheeses and cured meat products, and, what I consider to be most important, excellent Croissants paired with an original Italian Macchiato. The Italian influence, due to Italy being so close by, is seen all over. It is especially felt and tasted at dinner. The Italian restaurant Mono, which also offers half board (breakfast/dinner) option, is a place to be for any lover of Italian cuisine. Carefully prepared dishes delighted us every night. We had dinner four times there but we have tasted not even half the menu. Everything was good. The choice of wine and beer is in line with the quality of the restaurant.

Director Dominik Zubruegg pointed out that despite the pandemic, the hotel was working well and that they were satisfied with the results achieved, given the situation elsewhere in the world. As a reminder, Switzerland is the only alpine country that has allowed ski resorts to be open in the 2020/2021 season. Of course, this does not mean that the “entire world” invaded the country, because the prescribed measures for safe entry into Switzerland were restrictive towards all countries that had a worse percentage of Covid-19 infected patients per 100.000 inhabitants than Switzerland did.

Spectacular Sky Bar

Sky Bar is placed on the top floor, and it is known as a gathering place for quite nice crowds during cocktail hour. The view from the top of the entire city, lake, and mountains is memorable. It is especially impressive at sunset when mountain peaks, taller than 3,000 meters, change colour. It is the place to be for an après ski drink, but also for an after-dinner drink.


On the same floor, one can find a spa and a large jacuzzi with the same magnificent views of the village’s natural beauty. It is a great place to relax and linger after a long day of skiing.


The hotel is to be recommended in all aspects.

The location is great. The staff is very kind and willing to help solve any problem. I hope to visit this hotel again on some other occasion and in a different season of the year as each season has its own advantages.

Dominik Zubruegg is a natural-born hotelier who knows how to successfully lead a business and how the hotel accommodation should be like. That is why I would like to thank the Hotel Monopol personnel for ensuring my experience and a pleasant stay at their hotel.

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